This high school baseball team lowered their heads in shame after falling for one of the oldest trick plays in the book

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Thanks to Hollywood, most kids who play the game of baseball have dreamt at least once about pulling off an insane trick play that leaves the opposing team looking silly.

But much like the dream of hitting a walkoff homerun in the bottom of the ninth of Game Seven of the World Series no one actually ever gets to live it.

That is until this high school baseball team lowered their heads in shame after falling for one of the oldest trick plays in the book.

This is never supposed to work in real life

New Jersey’s Delsea Regional High School baseball team is making headlines for pulling off a once-in-a-lifetime trick play that looked like a scene straight out of the movies.

In a recent matchup against Audubon High School, Delsea was up one run in the final inning, and needed to secure just one more out in the field to win the game.

With a runner on second base in scoring position, and another on first, all Audubon needed was one base hit to tie the game, and put the winning run in scoring position.

Then, out of nowhere, Delsea’s pitcher attempted to pick off the runner on second base, seemingly making a wild throw that sent Delsea’s middle infielders scrambling to track the ball down, and allowing the Audubon runner to begin heading for third.

But as it turns out, it was all smoke and mirrors.

The Delsea pitcher never actually threw the ball, and his teammates were merely pretending as though the fake throw was off the mark.

So when the Audubon runner went to advance to third base, he didn’t realize that the pitcher was running behind him with the ball, and was easily tagged out for the final out of the game.

X user Joe Smith shared a clip of the trick play, and captioned it, “Kids sold it perfectly.” 

Obviously, such hidden ball tricks rarely – if ever – actually work, as selling those sorts of tricks require the perfect situation and acting on part of the fielding team to deceive baserunners. 

Nonetheless, this play demonstrates exactly why so many Americans have fallen in love with the game of baseball over the bulk of the past two centuries.

Trick plays like this one show that baseball can be a very exciting spectacle

As younger generations become increasingly addicted to staying inside and playing on their iPads, fewer and fewer young people want to participate in sports. 

However, trick plays like this one show just how exciting and action-packed baseball and other sports can be. 

With any hope, clips such as this one might inspire more young people to get off their iPads and get active, whether it is playing for a team, or playing a game of catch with a friend at the local park. 

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