The UFO video this alarmed airline passenger took out of her window has all hell breaking loose

Photo by Derpy CG from Pexels

It’s only natural for airline passengers to gaze out their windows during flights especially when coming upon a towering skyline like that of New York City.

But no one expects to see this.

And now the UFO video this alarmed airline passenger took out of her window has all hell breaking loose.


Last week, social media lit up with reports that a commercial airliner flying out of New York City had crossed paths with a supposed unidentified flying object (UFO).

As is now always the case, social media users were split on whether the video was authentic or served as proof of an alien presence on Earth.

“UFO OVER NEW YORK CITY,” Sky Fire News wrote on X. “A passenger flight captures something strange outside the window. What do you think it is?”

One user laughed while saying they weren’t “falling for this.” 

But others wondered if it was a visitor from another world.

“This is a craft from Sirius Nopplia. It is small in comparison to the most common craft in their many fleets of operation. There are two occupants and a Mothership is 700 miles up,” wrote a user named Kab.

Whatever the UFO actually was, it left the woman who filmed the video quite troubled.

FAA fails to respond to “nerve-wracking” sighting

Michelle Reyes was arriving at LaGuardia airport when she saw the object flying quickly in the opposite direction. 

Reyes says that the first thing she did was contact the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

The email was just “to let them know” that she saw an object that might have been a threat to the flight. 

“Maybe it was a safety hazard. . . but unfortunately they didn’t acknowledge my email,” she said in an interview with NewsNation. 

When the FAA didn’t respond to her email, she sent it to her father, who is a military veteran.

Reyes also wasn’t the only passenger who saw the aircraft, but that didn’t make her feel any better.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking that someone else saw what I saw,” she admitted.

NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield suggested that the UFO may have been a drone, but it was hard to tell. 

“Whatever it was, it was definitely outside the plane, and it was flying on its own, and it was really, really fast,” Banfield said. 

“I don’t see features like wings or a tail. . .”

But Mutual UFO Network’s Thomas Werman told The New York Post that he doesn’t believe that it was a drone, or even another aircraft. 

According to Werman, the plane appeared to be flying at an altitude of approximately 2,500 feet, and the supposed UFO was “relatively close” to the plane. 

“Drones aren’t supposed to fly at that altitude, at least legally,” Werman said. 

“If it were something related to defense or law enforcement, you normally wouldn’t see it so close to a major flight lane,” he added.

Wertman also responded to suggestions that it was just another commercial flight heading out of LaGuardia. 

There was only one problem with that suggestion — the shape of the craft.

“I don’t see features like wings or a tail,” Wertman explained.

The mysterious object left Wertman thinking that it warrants “more research.” 

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