Jay Leno fans are flocking to support the late-night legend after he revealed this heart-breaking news about his wife

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Few celebrities are as personable as former Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

While the comedian and car enthusiast has long since stepped away from prime-time television, that hasn’t ended his popularity amongst many Americans.

And Jay Leno fans are flocking to support the late-night legend after he revealed this heart-breaking news about his wife.

Leno issues an update about his wife’s health

Jay Leno’s wife of nearly 44 years, Mavis, was recently diagnosed with dementia.

A few weeks ago, after she received the “advanced dementia” diagnosis, Leno was granted conservatorship over his wife by an LA County Superior Court judge.

The happily married couple enjoyed a special night together at the premiere of Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix movie, Unfrosted, as they stood next to each other with big grins.

Mavis told ET, “I feel great, yeah” as she appeared with her husband on the red carpet.

“Thought I’d come to something fun for a change. Everything is so controversial. Just to come to a funny, silly movie – it’s great. I think people will have a great time,” Leno said.

He added, “Well, we hang out every day. We have a great time. 44 years! So we’re doing good.”

Leno celebrated his 74th birthday last weekend, but told ET that he didn’t do anything special to mark the milestone because he said he is “not a big birthday guy.”

Mavis added, “Neither of us [are]. We just have each other.”

“My life is a party anyway, so every day is a good day,” Leno chimed in.

The beaming pair posed for photos on the red carpet with Seinfeld, the movie’s director.

Meanwhile, Mavis’s lawyer stated that she was “in agreement” with the conservatorship during the hearing, adding that Mavis is “receiving excellent care with her husband, Mr. Leno.”

The judge agreed, saying, “I think she’s in the least restrictive environment. I think she’s in very good care with Mr. Leno.”

He also told Leno that “everything you’re doing is right,” and “I totally understand this is a difficult period,” noting that Leno is “fit” for the role of conservator.

Leno is open about his wife’s diagnosis

Leno has been completely transparent with fans and the media about Mavis’s struggles and their plans for the future.

He told the Daily Mail, “She’s fine. Everybody’s good, we’re doing well. [I] set up a will, in case something happens.”

Jay also noted that he was in the process of looking at his wife’s will and discussing estate planning.

All of their assets are considered common property, so there will not be any issues now that the conservatorship is granted.

The pair married in 1980 after meeting each other at the legendary Comedy Store in the 1970s.

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