About U.S. Political Daily

U.S. Political Daily was established by principled pro-liberty conservatives with over five decades of combined political experience working on Capitol Hill and in gubernatorial, U.S. House, Senate, and Presidential campaigns.

Politics moves fast. And with today’s national media playing just as fast and loose with the facts, it’s getting more difficult for Americans to know where to get trustworthy news.

Not only that, but the mainstream media is constantly injecting an anti-America narrative into its supposed “news” coverage.

The legacy media knows the American grassroots hold the power to restore our nation. That’s why the cable news talking heads and Big Government politicians are so desperately working to shut out any opposition to their anti-America agenda.

As Thomas Jefferson said, a well-informed populace is essential to self-government. If the media succeeds in labeling everything that counters their anti-America narrative as “misinformation,” America as we know it could be toast.

Our goal at U.S. Political Daily is to bypass the legacy media and social media content filters and bring the hottest political news directly to your inbox every day.

No Fake News B.S.

No Washington, D.C. bubble-speak.

Just the straight truth.

And we’re not afraid to call out the biased propaganda for exactly what it is.

U.S. Political Daily core values:

  • Deliver the facts about the top political stories today.
  • Call out the propaganda peddled by the national media.
  • Expose politicians’ lies their media pals try to cover up.
  • Stand up for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Ensure Americans’ voices are heard.

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