Tom Brady was left stunned when he learned why this former NFL QB was absent from his Netflix roast

Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Netflix’ Roast of Tom Brady sent shockwaves throughout the country last week as many believed it served as a crucial turning point in the fight against woke censorship.

But there are plenty of other storylines emerging from the roast that have people talking.

And Tom Brady was left stunned when he learned why this former NFL QB was absent from his Netflix roast.

Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was absent from Netflix’ Roast of Tom Brady.

But that didn’t stop the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady, from taking a shot at the younger brother of legendary former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning for being a part of two Giants teams that got the best of Brady’s New England Patriots, keeping them from winning as many as eight Super Bowls, which they likely deserved.

“To Giants fans, f— you and f— Eli twice,” Brady joked after numerous comedians and other “roasters” invoked the Giants’ upset wins over the Patriots’ Dynasty as they serve as literally the only blemishes on Brady’s otherwise unrivaled two decades-long career.

But after seeing the response the roast received, Manning couldn’t help but jump in on the action to take a shot at Brady.

“I thought about attending the Roast of Tom Brady last night, but I did not want to Roast him for a 3rd time!!” Manning joked on X.

Of course, while Manning attempted to steal the show with his shot at Brady after the fact, let’s be real, comparing their careers is like comparing a Ferrari to a Toyota Camry.

Sure, the Camry can get the job done when everything goes right and you add nitrous oxide in the form of top-five defenses, top rushing attacks, and plenty of other offensive weapons, but the Ferrari is always going to be superior far more often than not.

While the former Giants QB was a no-show for the roast, his brother was front and center, once again showing his humility in honoring Brady, a friend and longtime rival.

He welcomed Brady to the stage before the seven-time Super Bowl Champion unleashed his rebuttal on all the roasters.

The event also saw a rare reunion between former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft, who recently parted ways following the 2023 season.

Belichick and Kraft seemed to bury the hatchet for at least a few hours, and shared a lighthearted moment together – even though Belichick would be well within his right to go after Kraft after the Patriots owner has spent months attempting to put a stain on the greatest coach in NFL history’s career with outright propaganda, including producing an openly anti-Belichick documentary.

For his part of the feud, Belichick has refused to speak negatively about Kraft publicly, and just continues to go about his business as he always has.

Nevertheless, in a surprising turn of events, Kraft even took the opportunity to humorously implore Russian President Vladimir Putin to return his Super Bowl ring, eliciting laughs from the audience.

Tom Brady turned heads with his roast, with even critics admitting that he was able to put a positive spin on censorship in the media.

His roast was anything but politically correct, which encouraged working class Americans that maybe more freedom of speech is in the country’s future.

Just like his legendary NFL career, Tom Brady continues to prove that whatever he does, he tends to be the best at it.

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