Taylor Swift just sparked this heated debate between Piers Morgan and Matt Walsh that you have to see to believe

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Whether you like her and her music or not, Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest star in the world. 

When she speaks her millions of fans both nationwide and globally treat it as gospel.

But now swift just sparked a heated debate between Piers Morgan and Matt Walsh that you need to see to believe. 

A heavyweight main event debate about Taylor Swift

Debating out of the red corner, a Daily Wire host, the best-selling author of Johnny the Walrus, and creator of the hit documentary, What is a Woman, Matt Walsh. 

His opponent, debating out of the blue corner, former America’s Got Talent judge and CNN talking head turned YouTuber Piers Morgan.

The subject of tonight’s heavyweight debate, the woman who sings about failed relationships, endorsed President Joe Biden in 2020, cried when former President Donald Trump defeated former First Lady Hillary Clinton in 2016, and the leader of the “Swifties,” Taylor Swift. 

And more specifically, is Swift, her brand of feminism, and her influence over young girls a positive or a negative? 

Matt Walsh vs. Piers Morgan

Walsh and Morgan sought to answer those questions on a recent episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored

Unsurprisingly, Morgan took a largely positive position on everything Swift.

He called Swift an “incredibly gifted singer-songwriter,” and claimed she’s now “more famous than the Beatles.”

Meanwhile, Walsh had a more critical eye of the biggest pop star in the world. 

“There are many pop stars that are far more objectionable than her, and far more vulgar,” Walsh said. “I think, for the most part, what you get from Taylor Swift, it’s not good. . . it’s just kind of vapid and shallow and silly.”

However, the two did agree that Swift is the most influential celebrity “by a mile,” and Walsh has a problem with that. 

“She’s a 34-year-old woman still singing about her high school-level relationship problems,” Walsh said in reference to her new song, So High School. “So, this appears to be a 34-year-old woman who hasn’t grown up much. And hasn’t grown as a person or an artist. This is someone kind of in a state of arrested development. And I think that there are a lot of people in the West who struggle with that same condition. So, she’s not a positive influence as far as that goes.”

Morgan argued back that many artists’ best work originates from negative experiences in their lives. 

But Walsh countered pointing out a lack of substance in Swift songs. 

“She doesn’t appear to be saying anything interesting or insightful about it [the struggles and sorrows in her life],” Walsh concluded. “If there is a Swift song out there where she offered some real, beautiful, poetic insight to any of these issues, I haven’t heard it. I would love to hear what it is. But from what I hear, it’s just the same thing over and over again, and that’s part of the problem.”

Compared to other music artists, is Taylor Swift having a positive impact on American culture?