This Florida man returned from a European vacation to one mind-numbingly costly surprise

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

Most everyone enjoys taking a bit of time away from the daily stresses of life to unwind on a nice vacation.

But no one expects such a trip to nearly result in total financial ruin.

And now this Florida man returned from a European vacation to one mind-numbingly costly surprise.

Man receives $143,000 cell phone bill

Florida resident Rene Remund recently took a trip to Europe with his wife, but when he returned, he got the shock of a lifetime.

Remund came home and checked his cell phone bill, only to realize that he was charged an eye-popping $143,000 from his service provider, T-Mobile.

The man and his wife toured Switzerland last September, and went to a T-Mobile store to tell them about their travel plans before departing.

However, when they came home, the bill reflected that they used a whopping 9.5 gigabytes of data while overseas because the phone was not set up for international roaming.

At first, Remund thought his bill said $143, which he said was a “reasonable” charge that “didn’t bother [him] too much.”

A T-Mobile customer for almost 30 years, Remund went to pay his bill a few days later and realized that the actual charge was $143,269.

Remund told local news outlet ABC Action News that he called T-Mobile, and was put on hold while they examined the charges more closely.

The person he spoke with insisted that the bill was not a mistake and that he was liable for the cost.

“You’re kidding me?” Remund responded.

The customer hired a lawyer who enlisted the help of ABC to expose the story.

Not long after T-Mobile was contacted by ABC, the cell phone service provider suddenly offered to credit Remund’s account.

In a statement, T-Mobile told ABC, “We recommend our customers check the travel features of their plan, such as international data roaming, before departing – if a customer is on an older plan that doesn’t include international roaming for data and calling, they’ll need to make sure they’re using airplane mode and Wi-Fi when using data to be certain the device doesn’t connect to an international network.”

International data is costly

When talking to WFTS Tampa Bay’s ABC Action News, Remund said, “I’m looking at the bill [thinking]: ‘Excuse me? $143,000 – are you guys crazy?’”

The T-Mobile customer noted that he travels often with his wife, and always notifies the cell phone service company before he leaves the country.

He said he did exactly that before this recent trip to Switzerland, and the carrier said he was “covered.”

Remund said he never lost data connection, and had no issues sending photos and messages to friends and family while he was in Europe, but he had no idea the service would cost so much.

Even after spending $2,500 for an attorney and sending a letter to the president of T-Mobile about the issue, it wasn’t until Remund reached out to ABC that he got a solution.

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