Democrats flew off the handle after this Democrat Senator’s arrest put the Party in jeopardy

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The 2024 election season is heating up.

But it’s not just the presidential race that could decide the nation’s future.

And Democrats flew off the handle after this Democrat Senator’s arrest put the Party in jeopardy.

Body snatching and burglary

Minnesota Democrat state Senator Nicole Mitchell was recently arrested and charged with burglary in the first degree.

Mitchell’s alleged crimes would have the average American citizen without political connections facing as much as 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $35,000.

The Democrat Senator’s alleged crimes included breaking into her estranged stepmother’s home and stealing human remains.

And while Mitchell will certainly avoid the harsh penalties working class Americans would face for such illegal acts, her alleged crimes have jeopardized her career.

They have also jeopardized the Democrat Party’s control over the Minnesota state Senate.

Currently, Democrats have only a one-seat majority in the Minnesota Senate.

Whether or not her arrest will affect this November’s election, her fellow Democrats are finding it difficult to continue moving their radical agenda in the state as they head into the final weeks of the legislative session.

KVRR-TV reported that Mitchell traveled hundreds of miles away from her Twin Cities home to a home in Detroit Lakes.

The owner of the home called police around 4:45 a.m. to report “an active burglary in process.”

When police arrived on the scene, they searched the residence, and then detained Mitchell.

Talking about “safer communities” while committing crimes

Just days before her alleged crimes and arrest, Mitchell posted about her discussions with a radical anti-gun group about “safer communities.”

It seems Mitchell is all for “safer communities” when they aren’t hers.

Because it seems Mitchell did not simply choose the house on the 700 block of Granger Road in Detroit Lakes at random.

The criminal complaint against the Democrat states that the house Mitchell allegedly targeted and broke into belongs to her stepmother. 

Local radio station WCCO-FM reported that Mitchell was found by police hiding in the basement, dressed in all black clothing and a black hat.

And investigators say Mitchell broke into the home with the goal of stealing some of her recently deceased father’s belongings.

And she even allegedly tried to steal his remains. 

Apparently, the Democrat state Senator’s stepmother had broken all ties with her, and had no interest in talking to her about the issue even before this alleged crime against her by her own stepdaughter.

In addition to her all-black attire, Mitchell also was carrying a black backpack.

Police found the backpack contained two laptops, a cell phone, a number of different documents, and her Senate ID. 

According to the complaint filed against her, Mitchell claimed one of the laptops was given to her by her stepmother.

Her stepmother denied this was the case.

The criminal complaint states that Mitchell admitted to driving from her home to Detroit Lakes and entering her stepmother’s house through a basement window, according to KSTP-TV.

Calling for her resignation

Minnesota Republican state Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson released a statement in which he explained that, “Knowing very few details at this time, I am shocked by the news of Sen. Nicole Mitchell’s arrest for first-degree burglary.”

“The public expects Legislators to meet a high standard of conduct,” he added. ” As information comes out, we expect the consequences to meet the actions, both in the court of law, and in her role at the legislature.”

Minnesota Republicans are now considering calling for the Democrat’s resignation.

The Minnesota Senate Democrat Caucus indicated that it was “aware of the situation and has no comment pending further information.”

But Minnesota Democrat state Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy claimed, “The allegations against Senator Mitchell are upsetting, for me and for anyone who has gotten to know and work with her,” because “the behavior alleged is far outside the character she has established in the Senate and in her distinguished career in the military.”

“We believe in due process, and Senator Mitchell has the right to a full defense of her case in court. In the coming days and weeks, Senator Mitchell must also have serious and difficult conversations with her colleagues, constituents and family,” she added.

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