This blasphemous gesture Joe Biden made at a pro-abortion rally has Christians up in arms nationwide

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Joe Biden likes to pretend that he’s somehow a devout Catholic.

But his regime is doing everything they can to remove faith from American culture.

And now this blasphemous gesture Joe Biden made at a pro-abortion rally has Christians up in arms nationwide.

Biden blames Florida abortion law on Donald Trump

In 2023, the Florida state legislature voted to pass a new law placing a ban on ending the life of unborn children after 6 weeks. 

But lawsuits brought by activists against the previous 15-week ban temporarily stopped the bill from becoming law. 

Now, the Florida Supreme Court has upheld the 15-week ban, effectively giving the green light for further restrictions. 

The new law will take effect in May, and Democrats are pushing ahead with the same strategy they used in the midterms – focus entirely on abortion and blame it all on Donald Trump. 

President Joe Biden made clear during a rally in Florida earlier this week that his campaign will focus exclusively on abortion, not campaigning for the Presidency. 

“Next week, one of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion laws takes effect here in Florida. It’s criminalizing reproductive healthcare. . .[and] there’s one person responsible for this nightmare. . .Donald Trump,” he said.

But Biden’s attack on Trump wasn’t what people were talking about after the rally.

Biden steals the stage by making untimely gesture

Along with Biden, Florida Democrat National Committee Chair Nikki Fried took the stage at the event to echo Biden’s concern for the future of Democrats’ abortion on-demand up until – and often after – the moment of birth agenda in Florida.

Biden said that the Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade was creating “a healthcare crisis for women all over this country,” and he blamed it squarely on Trump.

Fried, meanwhile, took aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for leading the charge on the passage of the state’s restrictions on the murder of unborn children, claiming that he only signed the six-week ban into law because he wants to run for President, even though Democrats, their media allies, and even establishment RINOs have repeatedly claimed that pro-life candidates can’t win the Presidency.

But Fried’s comments were lost as President Biden chose to steal the show by making a gesture that can only be described as blasphemous.

In the closing of the Florida DNC Chair’s speech, Biden chose to make the sign of the Cross on his chest as if he were praying for more unborn children to be murdered in their wombs.

“You cannot invoke GOD and promote Death!”

Clips of Biden making the gesture went viral on social media, and Christians nationwide took notice. 

Catholic Vote shared the clip garnering over 1 million views on X. 

“This. Is. VILE!” Catholic Vote wrote. “You cannot be Catholic and support abortion! You cannot invoke GOD and promote Death!” they added.

Others chimed in condemning Biden for his blasphemous gesture.

Bishop J. Strickland shared Catholic Vote’s posting agreeing that it was indeed “absolutely vile.” 

“Pray for the soul of our President, he is a feeble old man, he needs to prepare to meet his maker,” Strickland said.

Eric Sammons, Editor-in-Chief for Crisis Magazine, said that Biden was threatening the sanctity of the Eucharist. 

“All the programs and conferences and revivals to promote the Eucharist are worthless as long as this man is allowed to receive Holy Communion,” he said.

Media personality, Mark Kaye said he was waiting for lightning to strike the stage.

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