Americans are coming unglued over Joe Biden’s utterly mind-boggling justification for taking legal action against Sheetz

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When it comes to the Biden regime it’s all been one big bait and switch.

“Scranton Joe” Biden was supposed to be a so-called “moderate” who appealed to working class Americans but instead he’s been a woke extremist hellbent on destroying their way of life.

And now Americans are coming unglued over Joe Biden’s utterly mind-boggling justification for suing Sheetz.

With more than 700 locations and 25,000 employees, Sheetz is one of America’s fastest-growing family-owned and operated gas station and convenience store chains, operating locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

On top of being highly regarded by consumers, Fortune Magazine has ranked Sheetz as the 60th best company to work for in the United States.

President Joe Biden recently shuffled through one of the stores with a glazed look on his face during a recent campaign stop in Pittsburgh.

But it appears that his enthusiasm for the business didn’t last long.

Biden Administration: Background checks are racist

That’s because Biden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is now suing Sheetz for what it claims are “discriminatory” hiring practices.

In a press release, the EEOC alleges that Sheetz “violated federal law by denying employment to a class of job applicants because of their race.”

The statement adds, “Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records.”

But if the Biden regime sees itself as the savior for certain minority groups, not everyone is buying it.

GOP Gubernatorial candidate: “Businesses need to be able to protect themselves”

North Carolina Lt. Governor and Republican Gubernatorial nominee Mark Robinson, who also happens to be black, told The Daily Caller it’s utterly ridiculous the Biden regime is attempting to punish a company for not hiring individuals with criminal records.

“This lawsuit is way off base,” Robinson explained. “With crime rising in cities across the state, businesses need to be able to have the right to be able to protect themselves, their employees and their customers. That includes screening potential applicants for a criminal history. Unlike my liberal opponent Josh Stein, as Governor, I will stand up to President Biden’s far-left agenda and fight dangerous policies like this that threaten our economy and public safety.”

Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT) echoed Robinson’s sentiment, blasting Democrats for claiming everything is “racist.”

“The Democrats think everything is racist, even a business choosing not to hire individuals with a criminal record,” Owens said. “If Joe Biden wants to end racial discrimination, he should confront his own soft bigotry of low expectations and drop this ridiculous lawsuit immediately.”

Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky contends that the EEOC claim is without merit and compared the action to a similar failed discrimination suit against the Kaplan Higher Education Corporation brought forward by the Obama regime.

He said, “They’re wrong. When they tried to do this a decade ago they lost. The reason this is so ridiculous is this … particularly Sheetz. Think about what would happen if they hired an ex-con to work the cash register … Their liability would go through the roof. The EEOC is using a dubious legal theory that they have no basis for through the law. It makes perfect sense for Sheetz to screen applicants for criminal history.”

The company denies any wrongdoing and wrote in a statement that it takes “these allegations seriously. We have attempted to work with the EEOC for nearly eight years to find common ground and resolve this dispute. We will address the claims in Court when the time comes.”

Academic and economist Professor Glenn Loury says that the lawsuit actually hurts the very people it purports to help because rather than protecting minorities from discriminatory hiring practices, the EEOC’s criminal background check “Enforcement Guidance” effectively decreases minority hiring rates.

In the end, this looks like just one more instance where big government is creating more problems than it is solving.

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