Jason Kelce made one grave mistake involving steroids that could ruin his professional sports reputation

Photo by: Luisa Peter via Unsplash

All it takes is one mistake and someone’s reputation is ruined forever.

And it looks like one future NFL Hall of Famer might be learning this life lesson the hard way.

Jason Kelce made one grave mistake involving steroids that could ruin his professional sports reputation.

Mistakes have consequences

We all make mistakes because we are all human.

That’s just the name of the game.

But if you make a bad enough mistake, your life could be ruined forever.

You can look throughout history and see mistakes that lead to tragic endings.

For instance, OJ Simpson was one of the best football players of his generation, and built up a level of celebrity that rivaled any athlete of his time.

But after one “not guilty” verdict, one conviction, and a few run-ins with the law, Simpson became known for being one of the biggest criminals in sports.

It doesn’t matter how popular or talented you are, making the wrong decisions can have consequences.

And while it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of Simpson, it looks like another professional athlete may have tarnished his reputation.

Jason Kelce being canceled?

Former Philadelphia Eagles center and future NFL Hall of Famer, Jason Kelce, became one of the most popular athletes in the country throughout his stellar career.

He was named first-team All-Pro six-times, made seven Pro-Bowl appearances, and helped lead the Eagles to a win in Super Bowl LII.

And ever since he retired, the popularity he built up both on and off the field throughout his career had many believing Kelce was poised for a post-NFL career in media and entertainment.

But now, Kelce is making headlines for a conversation he had with his brother, Travis, about Secretariat and the Kentucky Derby during a recent episode of their New Heights podcast.

The elder Kelce theorized that Secretariat was on some sort of steroids during the thoroughbred’s historic triple Crown sweep.

“1973 – every NFL player, every baseball player, they were juiced up to the gills,” Kelce said. “You don’t think Secretariat was juiced to the rafters? Of course, it’s the fastest horse of all-time!”

“Nobody talks about it, but Secretariat was doping, there’s no chance Secretariat wasn’t doping,” he added.

But his claims sent the internet and horse racing fans into a frenzy.

And after feeling the heat, Kelce decided to formally apologize.

“I’m sorry everyone, wasn’t trying to get people riled up, I really thought it was just known that in the 70s steroid use was rampant,” Kelce explained in a later episode. “I’m not trying to take away from Secretariat’s, or anyone from that era’s legacy. You’re right, without proof it is unfair to assume these things publicly, I apologize.”

Being canceled over a horses’ legacy would be a bad way to go.

Does cancel culture still exist?