This reckless move Bank of America just may go down as the biggest threat to “Free Speech” yet

G. Edward Johnson, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The people of the United States are feeling the heat as power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats, in every level of government, crack down on working class Americans’ rights.

To make matters worse, the ruling class is getting a helping hand from some of the biggest names in the private sector.

And now this reckless move Bank of America just made may go down as the biggest threat to Free Speech yet.

Documentary threatens to reveal the truth

In October 2020, America was left in a state of shock after the FBI announced the arrest of thirteen men, who were allegedly plotting to kidnap Michigan Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

It didn’t take long for the facts to come out, though.

The FBI had more than a dozen individuals, including two of the Bureau’s agents, who were working to coerce the group into taking actions that would give the FBI reason to arrest them for the crime.

But with Democrats’ media allies still controlling the bulk of the information, and so-called “mainstream” narratives, the truth didn’t come out fast enough.

Democrats’ media allies had already used the story to support their narrative that so-called “right-wing extremists” were trying to destroy what they claim is democracy.

Now, independent journalist Christina Urso is trying to spread the real story across the country.

Urso is getting ready to release her documentary, Kidnap and Kill: An FBI Terror Plot.

But she just had a major roadblock put in her path.

Bank of America is doing Democrats’ dirty work

“So @Bank of America has decided to ‘terminate’ their business relationship with me. Their ‘risk department’ made this determination for literally no reason,” Urso wrote in a post on X.

After speaking with an employee at a local Bank of America branch, she found out that there was no actual reason given for the account closure.

The only thing they could tell her was that the action was taken by the bank’s risk department, which hadn’t provided any reason for the closure.

Urso is convinced that Bank of America’s decision is “clearly” the result of her “critical reporting” of the FBI.

But she isn’t concerned with the reason as much as the result of the closure.

The independent journalist now has no access to her funds, and she is still in the process of completing her documentary.

“They wouldn’t say when the check will come. I have a documentary film shoot in less than 2 weeks and I have crew members I need to pay,” she explained.

Americans under a growing threat of “politicized debanking”

This isn’t the first time Bank of America has been accused of politically-motivated account closures.

Back in April, Bank of America’s CEO received a letter from 15 state financial officials in 13 different states.

The letter accused the bank of “politicized debanking,” a trend primarily and predictably targeting those with whom Democrats disagree exclusively.

“Americans should never have to worry that their personal financial decisions will be weaponized against them,” Kentucky State Auditor Allison Ball said following the letter.

Ball urged banks to “course correct to uphold their fiduciary duty and safeguard the constitutional freedoms of Americans.”

But in Urso’s case, it’s too late.

The journalist has been left “scrambling” to find a bank that will do business with her, and now worries this could impact her ability to release her documentary on time.

Bank of America has yet to release a statement addressing Urso’s account closure.

However, according to their terms and conditions, they have the right to terminate accounts “for any reason. . . at any time.”

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