These Americans drew one bold line in the sand with their tax dollars that has the elites coming unglued

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Working class Americans have been exploited for far too long by ruling class politicians and wealthy corporate elites.

They’re finally saying “enough is enough.”

And these Americans drew one bold line in the sand with their tax dollars that has the elites coming unglued.

Kansas City residents just pumped the brakes on this ambitious stadium plan

Every city in America would love to have its own professional sports franchises, if they do not already. 

However, in order to attract, much less keep, billionaire-owned professional sports franchises, politicians have often resorted to forking out tens if not hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to build and maintain their stadiums and surrounding infrastructure.

For some reason, the elitists who own sports franchises have been allowed to claim they can’t possibly afford such expenses as stadium construction and upkeep, even though they refuse to open their books to prove it, while reportedly pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year – for example, every NFL team receives $400 million each year from the league’s national TV contracts alone.

But over the past few years, tax-paying fans who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year supporting their favorite teams have seemingly started to catch onto just how absurd it is that their tax dollars are being used to help billionaire owners make even more profit that the overwhelming majority don’t even use to make their team better.

And the people of Kansas City recently made it clear that their tax dollars won’t be used to help billionaires build their team’s stadiums.

More specifically, just over 58% of voters in Jackson County, Missouri shot down a measure on Tuesday that would increase the county sales tax to help pay for new stadiums for both the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals. 

Royals billionaire owner John Sherman and Chiefs president Mark Donovan addressed the defeat of this measure in a statement.

“We’re deeply disappointed as we are steadfast in our belief that Jackson County is better with the Chiefs and the Royals,” Sherman said, subtly threatening to move his team from the city – some would call it a form of extortion.

“As someone whose roots run deep in this town, who has been a dedicated fan and season-ticket holder for both of these teams and now leading a remarkable ownership group,” Sherman, who was born in Japan, added.

Donovan chimed in, saying, “We’ve been talking a lot about the democratic process. We respect the process.  We feel we put forth the best offer for Jackson County. We’re ready to extend the longstanding partnership the teams have enjoyed with this county.”

Of course, it’s not like either team needed a new stadium anytime soon – both have leases on their current stadiums that run through the end of the decade.

Taxpayers do not want to foot the bill for their sports teams’ regardless of how successful they are

This recent vote out of Missouri shows that Taxpayers are already at wit’s end. 

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs have won two Super Bowls back to back, taxpayers made it clear that they are not paying for a new stadium when the billionaire-owned franchises are making loads of profit from it.

With inflation rising, many working class Americans have a hard time making ends meet, something that Joe Biden and the rest of the wealthy elites often fail to comprehend. 

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