Joe Biden blew a gasket after this earth-shattering study fully exposed Democrats’ electric vehicle dream as a total nightmare

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The Biden regime has been racing to force electric vehicles on all Americans.

But they’re hit another major roadblock.

And now Joe Biden blew a gasket after this bombshell report fully exposed Democrats’ electric vehicle dream as a total nightmare.

A new study shows that more than two-thirds of California’s electricity distribution circuits will require major upgrades by 2045 in order to meet Democrats’ mandates on electric vehicle (EV) production.

Not enough power and not enough money

In order to try and meet their Democrat-mandated EV goals, California must add at least 25 gigawatts to its electrical grid capacity by 2045.

Currently, the Democrat-controlled state just does not have the capacity to handle the increased number of EVs on the road thanks to state and federal mandates on EVs.

These upgrades will cost a whopping $6 to $20 billion, according to a study published by the National Academy of Sciences.

And many are wondering where the cash-strapped state is planning to find all that cash.

Especially since Democrat-controlled California continues to see an erosion of their tax base as more citizens and businesses flee the socialist, one-party state for greener pastures in Republican-led states.

But as it turns out, the huge increase in electrical grid capacity is necessary if the state is going to be able to meet their state EV mandates.

California Democrats current goal is to have 5 million EVs on the road by 2030.

“This widespread adoption of EVs in the future will lead to a large growth in electricity charging load, which will contribute to challenges in the operation and planning of the power system,” said the authors of the study, scientists at the University of California, Davis.

The researchers modeled future electric distribution and capacity scenarios and determined that the first areas that will experience power grid overloads will be high population areas like the San Francisco and Los Angeles metro areas. 

And the study shows that the strain on the electrical grid will continue to increase with time.

A strain on the power grid and on the wallets of Californians

That means Californians’ electric bills will only continue to skyrocket in cost.

“The uncertainty could be even higher in actual future upgrade costs,” the authors added, while stressing they did not even account for factors like “technology development or bottlenecks.”

And those hardest hit will be residential consumers who will require twice as much upgrading as those needed in commercial zones. 

This suggests that the Democrat-controlled state may have to impose another major change in the EV charging arena.

The authors found that there could soon be a major policy shift away from home charging stations to public or workplace charging.

The state could accomplish this by adding more charging stations available at public locations, while also raising charging rates at home charging stations.

That, of course, means forcing working class citizens to fork over more of their money to the government.

“Moving forward, it is crucial to enact regulatory measures to accommodate and mitigate this expected infrastructure strain in the distribution network,” the authors concluded.

This study shows the fallacy of Democrats’ continued efforts to force Americans into EVs nationwide.

And it shows those hurt the most are working class taxpayers who will see their costs skyrocket to achieve Democrats’ dubious goal.

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