The Biden regime just implemented one new rule that has airlines spitting mad

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Flying anywhere in today’s modern world feels more like a chore than an exciting adventure.

Between canceled flights, hours-long delays and lost luggage the airlines always seem to have the upper hand.

But now the Biden regime just implemented one new rule that has airlines spitting mad.

Airlines go bananas

In the past, if a flight got canceled or delayed, most airlines offered to put passengers on a different, rescheduled flight or give them vouchers (credits) for a new flight.

However, a new Biden Department of Transportation (DOT) rule says that airlines must now provide automatic refunds to customers if flights are canceled or significantly delayed.

While the rule sounds great in theory, some say that it could drive the cost of flying even higher.

The final regulations detail all of the specific circumstances in which passengers are entitled to automatic refunds, which apply to travel to, from, and within the US.

The goal of the rule is to make it easier for people to get their money back and to make sure that refund policies between different airlines are more consistent across the board.

Complaints regarding airlines and ticket agents rejecting or delaying refunds made up 87% of all air-travel service complaints at the height of the pandemic in 2020, according to the Biden DOT.

Not only will passengers be entitled to instant refunds if a flight is canceled, but they’ll also get refunds if there is a “significant change” to a flight.

These “significant changes” include departure or arrival times that change by over three hours domestically or six hours internationally, flights that are downgraded to a lower class than originally purchased, and changes in departure or arrival airports.

It also applies if there is an increase in the number of connections, changes to connecting airports, or if a different plane than originally booked is less accommodating for passengers with disabilities. 

Travelers will also receive refunds for checked bag fees if their luggage is lost and isn’t delivered within 12 hours of a domestic flight’s gate arrival, and within 15 to 30 hours for international flights.

Passengers who pay for services like in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi they do not receive, will also receive a refund for the cost.

Even more changes coming for airlines

The Biden DOT has also made it easier for passengers to get the money for their refund by requiring that airlines issue prompt automatic refunds in the original form of payment or even cash.

According to Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, most of the new requirements will go into effect in approximately six months.

While the new rule does sound more appealing to customers, it will likely add significant costs across the airline industry.

This may impact low-cost carriers the most, according to Seaport Research analyst Daniel McKenzie.

“To the extent low-cost carriers have to add costs to comply, reduce growth, and/or downsize, they become less competitive,” McKenzie said.

If airlines violate the rules, Secretary Buttigieg says the Biden DOT will pursue more aggressive enforcement, like the $140 million fine that was levied against Southwest Airlines for an operations meltdown that left over 2 million passengers stranded in December 2022.

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