The reason this “moderate Democrat” is running to unseat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will make you stand and cheer

Photo by Ståle Grut CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez assumed that she would cruise to re-election in her socialist-controlled Congressional District once again.

But she may be in for a rude awakening.

And the reason this “moderate Democrat” is running to unseat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will make you stand and cheer.

In a bold move that’s shaking up New York politics, Wall Street investor Marty Dolan is throwing his hat in the ring.

Dolan seeks to unseat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist-NY), and he’s not mincing words about why he’s taking on the unhinged woke extremist.

With a fiery passion and a commitment to restoring safety and prosperity to New York City, Dolan sat down with Fox News to outline his mission to reclaim the Congressional district from what he calls AOC’s disastrous policies.

Pointing to a New York Post headline that reads, “HELL RIDE,” Dolan wasted no time in calling out the alarming spike in crime plaguing the city’s subways and streets. 

“This is what you’re getting in the subways,” Dolan told Fox News of the violence gripping Democrat-controlled cities nationwide. “This is what you’re getting in the streets.”

“Enough is enough,” he added.

When pressed on how he plans to topple AOC’s considerable popularity in their socialist-controlled district, Dolan emphasized tapping into residents’ dissatisfaction and exposing the reality behind the socialist Congresswoman’s carefully manufactured facade. 

“There’s a lot of dissatisfaction in the district,” Dolan said, stressing that the media’s portrayal of AOC and her efforts simply isn’t the reality of her results.

Describing himself as a “moderate Democrat,” Dolan underscored the need to rein in the influence of radical elements within the Party. 

“The radicals have outweighed their influence in the party,” he said.

But Dolan remains undeterred, expressing confidence that his campaign will resonate with voters disillusioned by AOC’s divisive politics. 

“I’m pretty confident in the voters,” Dolan said.

When pressed on the main issues facing voters, Dolan didn’t hesitate to pinpoint the deteriorating quality of life in Democrat-controlled New York City. 

“Jobs, safety — just the feel of the city has gotten out of control,” Dolan concluded.

As the countdown to the election begins, Marty Dolan is gearing up for an uphill battle to win New York’s 14th Congressional District. 

With a message of hope, resilience, and a commitment to putting the needs of constituents first, Dolan just might convince New Yorkers that radical progressivism isn’t the way to go. 

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