Sean Hannity offered one piece of advice that has Republicans coming unglued

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For years now Sean Hannity has proudly proclaimed himself a “registered conservative” rather than a registered Republican as a way of authenticating his conservative bona fides.

But he just took a sharp left turn which has many wondering if he’s just been playing a character on TV all along.

And now Sean Hannity offered one piece of advice that has Republicans coming unglued.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity stunned his viewers this week by following former President Donald Trump’s lead in advocating for conservatives to adopt a more moderate position on abortion.

“Politically, the country is probably where Dobbs was at 15 weeks,” Hannity said during the network’s Super Tuesday coverage, suggesting that Republicans should soften their pro-life stance to appeal to a broader audience.

Conservatives wasted no time in condemning Hannity’s remarks, accusing him of betraying the pro-life movement and caving to pressure from the radical Left. 

Hannity’s call for moderation has left many questioning his commitment to the conservative cause.

Moreover, Hannity’s criticism of failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, who advocated for a near-total ban on abortion, has raised eyebrows among pro-life activists. 

By suggesting that Mastriano’s position was a mistake, Hannity has ignited a fierce debate within the conservative movement about the future of the pro-life agenda.

Many argue that scrambling to appease moderate voters is not the answer. 

Republicans should remain steadfast in their commitment to protecting the unborn, regardless of political consequences.

Recent election results seem to support this view. 

Despite fears of a “red wave” failure in November 2022, pro-life candidates actually secured significant victories across the country. 

This suggests that being unequivocally pro-life is not a political liability, as some pundits would have us believe.

In fact, many voters are drawn to candidates who uphold traditional conservative values, including a strong stance on abortion. 

By capitulating to pressure from Democrats, Republicans risk alienating their base and undermining the very principles that have defined the party for decades.

At a time when trust in elected officials is at an all-time low, pro-life Americans are looking for leaders who will stand firm in defense of their beliefs. 

Sean Hannity’s call for moderation may appeal to some, but for many conservatives, it represents a dangerous departure from core conservative principles.

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