Joe Biden is shaking in his boots after a black pastor hit him with this major reality check

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The United States is in the midst of a major political realignment.

The changing political landscape is becoming a major problem for Democrats. 

And Joe Biden is shaking in his boots after a black pastor hit him with this major reality check.

Poll after poll shows that President Joe Biden’s support amongst black voters is slipping to levels no Democrat Presidential candidate has seen in over six decades.

Former President Donald Trump is now polling stronger with black voters than he did in either of his first two Presidential campaigns.

The fact that many black voters are beginning to embrace Republicans is a major problem for Democrats.

Pastor explains why black voters are shifting to Trump

According to Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, black voters are giving Trump another look after being abandoned by the Democrat Party during an appearance on Fox News @ Night.

“Even if I was black enough, I couldn’t afford to vote for Joe Biden this time, and I hear it is all over, everywhere I go,” Peterson told host Trace Gallagher.

Peterson referenced an embarrassing incident with Biden during his 2020 election campaign in which he told black voters who supported Trump, “you ain’t black.”

“For a long time, blacks… were committed to the Democratic Party,” Peterson explained. “That’s no longer the case because the Democrats have clearly tossed blacks to the side, and they’re not looking out for them anymore.”

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said on his CNN show recently that Democrats only come around to black neighborhoods when they’re hunting votes in election years.

Peterson echoed the same sentiment.

“They just want the vote, and so black people are starting to feel the economic crisis,” Peterson continued.

Warning signs abound for Democrats

A recent poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College Research Institute created panic in the media when it found that Trump made major gains with black voters.

Trump was at 23% with black voters in the poll compared to 4% in October 2020.

Typically, Democrat Presidential candidates win over 90% of the black vote.

Even a small shift toward the GOP could pay major dividends for Trump.

Peterson said that the dismal Biden economy and the Biden border crisis were behind the shift to Trump.

“It’s the economy, it’s the borders,” Peterson said. “What is not being talked about [is] a lot of these the aliens are coming in and they are ending up in the Black communities… in the schools. The gang violence between the Black gangs and Hispanic gangs and other gangs that are coming in is out of control.”

Peterson argued that black voters never saw former President Barack Obama or Biden live up to their campaign promises.

“Even my own family members, I never imagined that they would be voting for Donald Trump. They’re saying yes to Trump now. It started really with Obama. A lot of Blacks saw that Obama would do more for them, but he didn’t get jobs. He didn’t provide for them, and under Joe Biden, it just wiped them out. They cannot afford to vote for Joe Biden anymore,” Peterson concluded.

A real shift in black voters toward Donald Trump could upend the 2024 election, and signal a potential realignment in American politics.

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