Domino’s may have just launched a pizza war with one move their competitors couldn’t ignore

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Domino’s is trying to get a leg up on its competition.

It’s turning to an item that has fans cheering. 

And now Domino’s may have just launched a pizza war with one move their competitors couldn’t ignore.

Domino’s successfully pulled off a stunning turn around

Domino’s was in serious trouble when Patrick Doyle arrived as the CEO in 2010.

The chain’s growth was slowing and the quality of their food was seriously lacking.

It was falling behind competitors like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

But Doyle engineered an ambitious turnaround plan that included commercials that admitted that Domino’s pizza “tasted like cardboard,” the “sauce tasted like ketchup,” and that its product was merely “an imitation of pizza.”

Domino’s listened to their customers and vowed to make better pizza.

The campaign worked, and the pizza chain pulled an improbable comeback as its stock price climbed from less than $9 in 2009 to nearly $500 today. 

Domino’s launching New York-style pizza

Now, Domino’s is looking to continue its rise by launching a New York-style pizza that will be cut into six large, foldable slices, rather than the traditional eight.


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“Domino’s prides itself on offering a variety of pizza crusts for all different tastes,” Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner said in a press release. “Our pizza chefs created this new pizza crust to allow the deliciousness of our ingredients to shine through. It has the perfect balance of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings in every bite, making it the star of the show. New York Style Pizza may become our customers’ new favorite crust!”

To promote the launch, the chain is offering a large three-topping New York Style for just $10.99, or a mix-and-match deal with a medium two-topping New York Style and select menu items for $6.99.

The New York-style pizza will replace Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza, which was pulled from the chain’s menu several months ago.

A social media user who worked at Domino’s explained the difference between the two pizzas.

“I work at Domino’s coming up to my 2 year anniversary… Before, we’d make the Brooklyn pizzas with a small dough patty [and now] we just make the medium dough patty and stretch it to a large screen. That’s all it is,” the user stated.

And bringing a New York-style pizza to the menu gives it a leg up on a major competitor for fans of the big foldable slices.

Pizza Hut pulled its Big New Yorker off the menu, creating an opening for Domino’s.

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