Disney is waving the white flag of surrender after finally being hit with one reality check they can’t ignore

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Corporate America has gone all-in on forcing woke extremism on their customers.

They thought bending the knee to the woke left-wing outrage mob was a sound business decision but in reality it may be their downfall.

And now Disney is waving the white flag of surrender after finally being hit with one reality check they can’t ignore.

Profound changes could be coming to Disney after this narrow escape

Despite being the largest media company in the world, The Walt Disney Company has seen better days thanks to its obsession with forcing woke indoctrination into its content.

Disney’s stock price hit an all-time high of nearly $202 per share in March 2021, but over the past three years, one woke box office flop after the next has plummeted the price to around $115 per share – a drop of over 40%. 

But on Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Iger signaled to CNBC that major changes could soon be implemented throughout the company.

According to Iger, Disney must focus on capturing large audiences, rather than making woke content that appeals to a small fraction of the population.

“Infusing messaging is not what we’re up to,” Iger said. “We need to be entertaining.”

These comments come after billionaire Nelson Peltz, who serves as a non-executive chairman of the Wendy’s Company, Sysco, and The Madison Square Garden Company, attempted to shake things up at Disney. 

Peltz attempted a stakeholder revolt, intending to make major changes at Disney with the hope of turning the tide of the company’s poor performance as of late. 

Although the activist investor’s efforts failed to gain traction with most shareholders, it sent shockwaves throughout Disney and Wall Street. 

Peltz lashed out at Disney in a recent interview with the Financial Times, in which he asked, “Why do I have to have a Marvel that’s all women?  Not that I have anything against women, but why do I have to do that? Why can’t I have Marvels that are both?” 

He then criticized the film Black Panther, saying, “Why do I need an all-black cast?”

On April 1, tech mogul Elon Musk also took a jab at Disney, claiming that he had been tapped to serve as Disney’s DEI chair, only to later expose the announcement as an April Fools joke. 

Media companies have paid a steep price for bowing down to the “woke” mob

After the race riots of 2020, many large media companies immediately gave into the demands of the woke left-wing outrage mob, feverishly hiring people to increase diverse representation on their programming. 

It did not take long for these actions to have severe consequences, with Disney, Sports Illustrated, and Vice Magazine seeing massive dips in value, causing them to fire thousands of staffers. 

As Iger echoed, people do not want diversity shoved down their throats every time they turn on the television – they simply want to be entertained.  

But of course, Bob Iger has also been making these exact types of claims about changing Disney’s direction since he orchestrated a coup to replace his handpicked predecessor some six months ago.

And until he turns his words into action, they’ll remain nothing but hollow talking points.

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