Democrats’ environmental extremist war on pizza has New Yorkers ready to explode

Photo by Eneida Nieves from Pexels

Democrats are going all-in on forcing their environmental extremist agenda on the American people.

But they’re starting to cross lines that Americans from all walks of life simply won’t stand for.

And Democrats’ environmental extremist war on pizza has New Yorkers ready to explode.

Many of the oldest, most iconic pizzerias in New York City are bracing for impact as the city’s Democrat-controlled government prepares to implement an environmental extremist agenda that could make quality pizza a thing of the past.

Legendary New York City pizzeria John’s of Bleecker Street – named one of the best in America by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, who gave the slice a nearly unprecedented 9.3 in his One Bite pizza review – is one of the decades-old, family owned small businesses staring down the barrel at destruction with the Democrat-controlled government’s April 27 deadline fast approaching.

John’s of Bleecker Street General manager Kevin Jackson spoke out against the regulations, cautioning that the new law misses the mark when it comes to coal-fired ovens. 

“It’s going to be tough. $150,000 is a lot of money,” Jackson lamented to Fox News, expressing empathy for struggling pizzerias facing closure.

The regulations, proposed by the Democrat-controlled New York City Department of Environmental Protection, mandate that restaurants with cook stoves installed before May 2016 must reduce carbon emissions by at least 75%. 

For many of the oldest, most iconic pizzerias in the city, this means costly upgrades and ongoing inspections, with the threat of closure looming large.

Jackson highlighted the challenges of compliance, noting the extensive renovations required to retrofit coal-fired ovens. 

“Our flue wasn’t the right width, so we had to change our whole two, six-story flues,” he revealed, emphasizing the complex and costly nature of the process.

Fellow pizzeria owners echoed Jackson’s concerns, with Paul Giannone, known as Paulie Gee, describing the regulations as “overkill.” 

“Putting this regulation in place for everyone, regardless if it’s having an impact on neighbors or not, is overkill,” Giannone asserted to Fox, emphasizing the disproportionate burden placed on small businesses.

Despite efforts to portray coal-fired ovens as pollutants, Jackson defended the use of anthracite coal, renowned for its low emissions. 

“It’s smoke-free and almost particulate-free,” he explained, challenging the notion that coal-fired pizza poses a significant environmental threat.

As the deadline approaches, pizzeria owners are grappling with tough decisions about their future.

With livelihoods at stake and the cherished tradition of coal-fired pizza hanging in the balance, the battle against overbearing regulations is heating up.

In the face of Democrats’ environmental extremist agenda, the New York pizza community is rallying together to fight for its survival. 

With the support of loyal patrons and allies across the city, pizzerias are determined to preserve their cherished tradition and push back against burdensome regulations. 

New Yorkers aren’t going to let their pizza go down without a fight. 

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