Democrats are bracing for impact after their war on pizza caused this New York artist to mount a full-fledged food fight

Photo by Eneida Nieves from Pexels

Environmental extremists are going further than ever to try and force their agenda on the world.

But in New York City they may have taken it a bit too far.

And now Democrats are bracing for impact after their war on pizza caused this New York artist to mount a full-fledged food fight.

New York artist Scott LoBaido is calling on all New Yorkers to gather – with a pizza in one hand and a dozen bagels in the other – to protest New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams and other left-wing environmental extremists.

Taking aim at New York’s best

That’s because Adams and his environmental extremist comrades are taking aim at the one thing NYC is most famous for – pizza.

LoBaido and his fellow New York pizza lovers will gather on March 20 at noon in front of City Hall to “feed the pigeons” and remind the ruling class elites who they work for. 

The pizza protest comes after news that a New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) rule is expected to take effect on April 27, that will force “affected pizzeria owners to install a filter, then hire an engineer to regularly inspect the carbon emissions” – an astronomical recurring cost for the small business owners who own the overwhelming majority of NYC pizza shops.

While the rule supposedly only applies to eateries with stoves installed before May 2016, most rightfully see this new rule as an undue burden on already-struggling small businesses.

“This regulation will go a long way to put an end to charming wood-fired pizza restaurants in New York City,” said pizzeria owner Paul Giannone, who has owned his eatery for the last 14 years.

And LoBaido isn’t going to take this attack by the climate change nazis sitting down.

He recently laid out his protest plans on X.

“I want all you pizzeria owners, I want all you bagel to be there,” he wrote. “We’re going to ‘feed the f***ing pigeons’ as I like to say. With tons of pizza and tons of bagels. Now, I know I got a lot of critics, ‘what are you wasting food for? What are you wasting pizza for?’ The Boston Tea Party, they wasted tea because they made a sacrifice to make a point that changed the course of history. And we’re gonna do the same thing here, come Wednesday, March 20th at noon.”

Pizza and bagels for the pigeons

“Now, everybody I want you to bring two pizzas and a dozen bagels. Or two dozen bagels, everybody who’s coming,” LoBaido continued. “One pizza, we take slices and we throw them over the fence at City Hall to feed the pigeons. The other pizza, we’re gonna set up tables and we’re gonna feed the homeless, along with some bagels. So everyone wins.”

And LoBaido can certainly get attention.

This, of course, is not the first time LoBaido has led a protest against the city’s overburdensome regulations, he even received a summons for throwing the slices of pizza over the City Hall fence in an act he called the “New York Pizza Party.”

“The woke-a** idiots who run this city are doing everything in their power to destroy it,” LoBaido said at the time. “We have naked men with their t***ies bouncing around all over this city yesterday, in public, in front of children. We have the most violent, raging crime rate ever. We are being invaded by illegal immigrants who are being treated way better than our homeless veterans.”

“Our teachers and first responder heroes who were fired [are] still not compensated because they didn’t take the Fauci injection,” he added. “Our city schools produce the dumbest kids and the woke a** punks who run New York S****y are afraid of pizza? The world used to respect New Yorkers as tough, thick-skinned, and gritty. Now, we have become pussified.”

“Destroying every small business, that’s what this city keeps doing,” LoBaido added. “Can’t have a small business? Can’t have pizza? New York City is nothing without pizza.”

While the great Pizza and Bagel Rebellion of 2024 may not go down in history like the Boston Tea Party, it’s an important protest against pointless, painful regulations that harm small businesses and working-class Americans.

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