What these absolute imbeciles did to these innocent bear cubs will leave you fuming

Photo by Rey Emsen from Unsplash

Right when you think mankind has hit peak stupidity someone tests the outer limits of functioning intelligence.

Coincidentally such nonsense always seems to come from Democrat-controlled cities.

And now what these absolute imbeciles did to these innocent bear cubs will leave you fuming.

Idiocracy is becoming non-fiction

For several hundred years Western civilization was determined to push the outer limits of what the human mind could accomplish.

People with nearly no technology were able to create works of artistic and scientific genius that no one could have ever imagined.

Just look at what Leonardo da Vinci was able to create and accomplish in the sixteenth century.

To this day we still admire the artwork of da Vinci through his masterpieces like Portrait of a Musician, The Last Supper, and Mona Lisa.

And based on his drawings from the 1480s, da Vinci drew the plans for a vehicle that could, possibly, actually fly.

And da Vinci wasn’t alone in the advancement of the great intellect of Western civilization.

Even a bunch of farmers and backwoods folks from the American colonies could wrap their minds together and create the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

But fast forward to the 2020s and our great-great-great-great grandparents would be amazed as to how stupid the average person has become.

They thought we would have mastered many of society’s problems through technological advancements.

But here we are in 2024 and we have poop maps of our supposed greatest cities as they are infested with homelessness and drug addicts.

It’s just amazing how far our society has regressed into stupidity and keeps resembling what is supposed to be the fiction film of Idiocracy.

And right when you thought people in our society couldn’t get any dumber, this story hit the airwaves.

Selfies with wild bear cubs?

Many working class Americans were horrified to see the news that a group of morons in Asheville, North Carolina – one of the few woke extremist-controlled cities in the state – decided to turn bear cubs into selfie props in order to satisfy their unquenchable desire for attention on social media.

Of course, all those with functioning brains know that bear cubs don’t ever just roam the wilderness all on their lonesome – there’s a mama bear not too far away.

But this group of geniuses thought it was a good idea to not only try to take a picture with the bear cubs in the frame, but to go so far as to grab the cubs off of a tree and start posing with them as if they were mere teddy bears.

And to make matters worse, video of the infuriatingly dumb ordeal showed that the bear cubs were trying to get away the entire time.

In the process of holding the cubs hostage, one of them fell out of the idiots’ arms and started to scurry away as the group chased it.

In the end, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission was called to the scene.

By the time the wildlife agents showed up to investigate the situation, one cub was missing while the other cub was injured in the interaction.

The Commission and local authorities are now investigating the situation to see if any charges are warranted.

People can’t be this stupid as momma bear could have been just around the corner.

But also, playing with animals like this never ends well, and led to one of these cubs being an orphan and another being injured for no good reason whatsoever.

It’s utterly ridiculous how far so many Americans are willing to go for a few “likes” on social media.

Would you try to pick up a wild bear cub?