The heart-stopping, near-death moment this storm chaser faced while tracking a deadly tornado will put your jaw on the floor

Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht from Pexels

With spring in full swing temperatures are rising creating the atmospheric conditions that breed major storms throughout the U.S.

America’s heartland was recently hit by multiple systems of severe thunderstorms turning the lives of countless working class Americans upside down.

And the heart-stopping, near-death moment this storm chaser faced while tracking a deadly tornado will put your jaw on the floor.

Tornadoes in the heartland leave a path of destruction

Violent storms ravished America’s heartland over the weekend, leading to dozens of tornadoes touching down from Texas to Iowa.

In Lancaster County, Nebraska, tornadoes left a path of destruction flattening hundreds of homes and an industrial building.

The building collapsed after a tornado passed overhead, leaving more than 70 people trapped inside. 

Eventually, emergency responders were able to evacuate the building and bring them all to safety – three were later treated for injuries, but thankfully, none were life-threatening. 

At least four people have been found dead in the wake of the storms, including a 4-month-old baby from Holdenville, Oklahoma. 

Hundreds of working class Americans were left injured throughout the paths of the storms.

And one who found themselves caught directly in the path of the destruction was a daring storm chaser who caught the ordeal he faced on tape.

Storm chaser catches terrifying moment from dash cam

Ben Ahrens is a self-described “dot chaser” who likes “long walks through hurricane force winds and baseball sized hail.”

But Ahrens met his match while chasing one of the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. 

“A semi ended my chase early today,” he wrote on social media along with the video.

Dash cam footage from Ahren’s vehicle showed him driving down a highway when literally out of nowhere, a red 18-wheeler came flying across multiple lanes like it was a scene straight out of Twister.

The storm chaser was forced to swerve off to the side and narrowly escaped being crushed by the more than 30,000-pound 18-wheeler flying his way.

“I’m ok. What really matters is the devastating damage these storms have done. . .” he added.

The storm chaser later updated the post to say that he had spoken with a local sheriff, and that the driver of the 18-wheeler had sustained a knee injury, but was “otherwise okay.” 

Ahrens wasn’t the only person to catch incredible footage of these storms.

And social media users loved every second of it.

Terrifying videos flood social media

Connor McCorey shared footage that he captured at various locations throughout the state of Oklahoma. 

The terrifying footage showed the “most intense chase” of his life. 

“Crazy footage from today’s historic tornado outbreak!” he wrote on social media.

Collin Rugg shared a video of a “massive half-mile wide tornado reported in several counties in Nebraska.” 

Rugg shared the news of “golf balls-sized hail” and high winds in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. 

Rugg’s post reached over eight million views and the comments were filled with more devastating footage.

“Omaha Nebraska today,” wrote one user.

Another user showed video footage of the aftermath in Nebraska.

Right Angle News Network shared a clip of storm chasers responding to an overturned truck on the side of the highway. 

“Anything strong enough to flip over a semi truck onto its side is something you should not be close to, these guys run towards them, scary!” they said.

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