Home Depot is raking in cash thanks to this expensive Halloween item that’s already causing Black Friday-like chaos

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Whether it’s an influencer selling products on TikTok or an item you keep seeing on Facebook, some things go viral fast.

And there’s one particular product that people tend to see more and more of, especially during the Halloween season.

But now Home Depot is raking in cash thanks to this expensive Halloween item that’s already causing Black Friday-like chaos.

Home Depot’s giant skeleton already selling out

You may have noticed your neighbor’s Halloween decorations were a little more over-the-top last year thanks to a viral product: a massive, 12-foot-tall skeleton.

Known as Skelly, the towering skeleton first launched four years ago and has made the headlines ever since.

The viral $300 skeleton is sold by Home Depot, and the company has already restocked it for the upcoming season.

However, only a limited amount of the decor item is available, and many are already sold out at various Home Depot locations.

Home Depot brand communications manager Tyler Pelfrey told Fox Business, “We are happy to see the customers’ reactions and enthusiasm for the Halfway to Halloween and #CodeOrange event… we are excited to lean into it and enjoy the fandom alongside them.”

He added that the company’s Halfway to Halloween sale “is for our most dedicated customers, the Halloween super fans. For them, building upon their Halloween collection isn’t a seasonal task, it’s a year-round journey.”

Home Depot gave consumers a heads-up about “#CodeOrange” on its social media platforms.

Once the sale was announced, many social media users had a lot to say about the company releasing Halloween decor items six months before the actual holiday.

One user said, “It isn’t even summer yet! Slow your roll!”

Another commented, “If we can have Christmas in July, a little Springoween won’t hurt.”

One social media user said, “Finally I can purchase Skelly, I waited 3 years for this.”

Another person said, “Refresh page every minute after the clock strikes midnight. If I don’t snag a Skelly this year I will lose it.”

According to Pelfrey, he and his team knew that Skelly, his dog, the Deadwood Inferno Skeleton, and Frankenstein’s Monster would all be extremely hot items ahead of Halloween.

“Since his debut in 2020, Skelly and his friends have been growing in popularity, and we wanted to give our customers multiple opportunities to get their hands on these innovative items,” he said.

More giant Halloween items to come

Thanks to Skelly’s overwhelming popularity, Home Depot has launched a larger variety of giant holiday decorations, including Skelly’s 5-foot-tall, 7-foot-long skeleton dog.

When the retailer went live with its Halfway to Halloween event, customers were trying hard to buy some of these hot-ticket items.

One social media user on Instagram wrote, “I did it! I got the skeleton. I was half asleep when doing it since I was waking up every hour since 2 am but I finally got the damn skeleton for my brother.”

Another person who was looking for Frankenstein’s Monster wrote, “Been up all night refreshing my phone for Frank! Got him.”

However, several people weren’t able to get the viral skeleton or some of the other giant Halloween decor, and some even asked Home Depot to restock the items.

One user said, “The dog sold out in 2 mins!!! I’m bummed I was filling out my address and then all [of] the sudden couldn’t complete because it was gone.”

Another user commented, “Dear @homeepot however many Skelly Dogs you are planning on having for Halloween- triple it. Trust me.”

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