This Democrat-controlled state’s lawlessness has voters primed to take one drastic action no one saw coming

Most Americans have lost all pity for voters living in Democrat-controlled cities and states.

After all the rising crime rates, immigration encampments, and rampant homelessness in Democrat-controlled areas are a direct result of their votes.

And now, this Democrat-controlled state’s lawlessness has voters primed to take one drastic action no one saw coming.

Woman getting punched in the face goes viral on social media

Democrat voters have supported the woke extremist idea that the world should be free of consequence for violent criminals.

That has led Democrat-controlled cities and states to become lawless hellscapes.

Now, they’re dealing with the fallout of soft-on crime policies that they voted to support.

In March, videos of women being punched in the face in New York City went viral on social media.

One woman said that it “hurts so bad, I can’t even talk.”

Another woman shared the news that she had suffered a “concussion, a black eye, and a chipped tooth.”

“So many of you have sent me DMs, sharing your own story of when you’ve been hit in New York,” she wrote.

The woman said that she was “overwhelmed,” and that it was “insane” that it is happening to more people than just her.

Podcast host Tim Pool said he thinks it’s “funny,” and the women deserved it for voting for Democrats.

But now, voters in California are getting fed up with the lawlessness.

“Welcome to Oakland . . . where every single night you can expect a hostile street takeover . . .”

California’s Proposition 47 was signed into law in 2014.

The law raised the threshold of felony crimes so that more people would be charged with misdemeanors.

It essentially incentivizes retail theft, property theft, and drug possession in the state.

California Democrats raised the minimum standard for felony theft to $950, and eliminated felony charges for possessing deadly drugs, like fentanyl.

The goal of Prop 47 was to reduce the overall population in California’s prisons.

But the result was a radical increase in the number of violent crimes happening in the Democrat-controlled state.

It has become an internet meme that California is nothing more than a lawless third-world state.

“Welcome to Oakland, CA, where every single night you can expect a hostile street takeover such as this one here:” wrote Liberacrat Media on X.

Now, the people of California are looking for a change in their state.

Prop 47 reform “cuts across party lines”

Californians are now seeking to reform Prop 47, and bring back public safety in the Golden State.

The amendment would seek to reduce the threshold for felony theft and charge drug dealers for the deaths that result from overdoses.

So far, over 900,000 people have signed the petition to bring the proposed reform to the ballot box in November.

The petition greatly exceeded the 500,000 signatures needed for the referendum.

Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho wasn’t surprised by the success.

“That’s how popular it is. That’s the sentiment of people, and it’s across all spectrums,” Ho said.

“It cuts across party lines and cuts across racial lines, social and economic lines. It’s small businesses, big businesses, [and] everyday people” that are standing up, he said.

Maybe the tide is turning for Democrat voters.

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