The Biden regime is cheering on one U.N. effort that will destroy American sovereignty in an instant

Adam Schultz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Biden regime is doing all they can to destroy the Constitutional Republic that America is supposed to be.

And part of their plan is to turn over the nation’s governing to foreign entities.

And now, the Biden regime is cheering on one U.N. effort that will destroy American sovereignty in an instant.

The American people are just weeks away from handing over huge amounts of taxpayer funding, protective equipment intended for U.S. citizens, and even control over U.S. health policy to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Wealth redistribution on a global scale

The U.N.’s global health governance body will resume meetings to revise the WHO Pandemic Agreement.

The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) was established to draw up the text of the agreement in December 2021.

And it is holding its ninth meeting, which began on April 29 and will run through May 10.

That leaves just over two weeks before the 77th World Health Assembly meets from May 27 to June 1 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Their goal is to ratify the final document during that meeting.

According to The Washington Stand, the most recently updated version of the ‘Proposal for the WHO Pandemic Agreement’ would “redistribute wealth and protective equipment away from the U.S., establish a global governing board with little accountability to U.S. citizens and, critics say, water down U.S. sovereignty over how it responds to future pandemics.”

The agreement calls on nations to adopt “whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches” to pandemics, “including the private sector and civil society.”

Under the agreement, nations must also conduct research to determine what forces “hinder or strengthen adherence to public health and social measures in a pandemic,” like mask and vaccine mandates.

And WHO intends to make it crystal clear to involve itself in every aspect of any future outbreak.

But it goes even further and invokes the “public health impact of growing threats such as climate change, poverty and hunger.”

The agreement claims that fighting pandemics requires all nations to “achieve greater health equity” by taking “resolute action on the social, environmental, cultural, political and economic determinants of health.”

According to the WHO, this includes adopting a controversial “OneHealth” approach.

Legislating health through the U.N.

The agreement also attempts to “balance” the “health of people, animals and ecosystems” as if they were all equally valuable.

According to the WHO, nations will have the right to “adopt legislation” only “in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, the WHO Constitution and the principles of international law, and their sovereign rights over their biological resources.”

The document also establishes a “Conference of the Parties,” a group of unelected bureaucrats, who are empowered to adopt new resolutions that will be legally binding signatories of the agreement.

The agreement also makes it difficult for the U.S. and others to ever get out of the WHO pandemic agreement.

Once a nation signs onto the accord, it “shall not be discharged” from any “obligations which accrued while it was a Party to the WHO Pandemic Agreement,” even after it withdraws from the agreement.

The document also mandates that all nations assure “real-time access by WHO to 20%” of all “products that are needed for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.”

WHO will then create “a mechanism to ensure the fair and equitable allocation and distribution of the pandemic-related health products” globally.

This, of course, amounts to yet another radical left-wing redistribution of wealth to “up-and-coming young oligarchs in smaller nations,” journalist Jim Roguski told Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.

According to Roguski, this means wealthy nations, like the U.S., will “put a lot of money into building out the pharmaceutical hospital emergency industrial complex in poor nations — not to give that money or support to poor people in poor nations, but to give it to wealthy people in poor nations so that they can jab them the next time around.”

Because of the short timeline, conservatives have “a sense of urgency to bring awareness to the issue before the WHO meets,” Tea Party Patriots Jenny Beth Martin told American Family News.

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) has introduced the WHO Withdrawal Act (H.R. 79), and Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has introduced the No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act.

But with the Biden regime and their Democrat allies fully on board the WHO agreement, it seems unlikely either bill will pass.

That is yet another reason the 2024 election is so vital for America’s future.

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