Tim Allen and his fellow Home Improvement co-stars joined forces on one charity mission that will have you cheering

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America would do anything for a legendary show like Home Improvement to air on television these days.

So when fans of Tim Allen saw a trio of big Home Improvement actors come together, they couldn’t look away.

And now Tim Allen and his fellow Home Improvement co-stars joined forces on one charity mission that will have you cheering.

We need some quality TV

Not long ago, television programs were both entertaining and promoted American family values.

But that’s no longer the case.

These days, you are hard pressed to find anything on television that doesn’t promote the culture filth that is infesting our society.

And it’s not just the quality of the programs that are affecting our society.

With the amount of options dwindling down for entertainment, it seems like you have to make an appointment just to have some quality family time.

That’s led many families to spend far less time together than they would have years ago, leaving countless children ample time to be drawn down the wrong path in life by other outlets.

Most of what American children are now being exposed to online, without their parents even knowing, should make every sensible adult sick to their stomachs.

But fortunately, there are still a few actors and entertainers who are still willing, and capable, to produce quality entertainment for the whole family.

And one of those actors is Tim Allen.

Allen’s fans are always looking out for his next project because they know whatever he does is going to be the type of family-friendly entertainment few others are willing to produce these days.

Home Improvement reunion for a good cause

So when people saw the news that Allen joined up with his Home Improvement co-stars, Richard Karn and Debbe Dunning, they knew it was going to be for a good reason.

And the reasoning may not be to produce another television program but the cause is still worthwhile.

The three former Home Improvement stars joined up at George Lopez’s 7th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic to raise money for children with kidney disease.

More specifically, according to the gold classic’s website, the gathering of top celebrities is to “help send over 200 children suffering with kidney disease to summer Kidney Disease & Transplant Camp for a week they’ll never forget!”

And Dunning took to social media to promote the rare reunion of the Home Improvement co-stars in a post on Instagram.

“Another Beautiful day in my hometown “Burbank, California,“ Dunning wrote. “It’s always such a gift to be able to come home and be reunited with so many of my close friends & Golf Family #golf #burbank #lakeside #tooltime #homeimprovement”


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One can only dream of a Home Improvement reunion, but hopefully Tim Allen’s new program, Shifting Gears, can live up to all the other programs he has been a part of.

Would you watch a remake of Home Improvement?