Saturday Night Live finally dropped the gloves with one dig Joe Biden never saw coming

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Saturday Night Live was once an institution for comedic greatness.

Now it’s nothing but woke left-wing dumpster fire no one actually watches.

But Saturday Night Live finally dropped the gloves with one dig Joe Biden never saw coming.

Another dose of Saturday Night Live mockery was aimed squarely at President Biden, and this time, it’s no laughing matter!

In a recent “Weekend Update” segment, SNL’s Michael Che took a swipe at President Biden, comparing him to the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, Maryland. 

“President Biden said Friday that he would visit the site of the Baltimore bridge collapse because, like that bridge, Biden is no longer connecting with Black communities,” Che quipped, sending shockwaves through the audience.

As the laughter subsided, SNL’s Colin Jost wore a stunned expression, which spoke volumes, and echoed the sentiments of millions of Americans disillusioned by Biden’s plummeting support among minority voters. 

“You gotta read the polls, Colin,” Che remarked, highlighting the stark reality revealed by recent surveys.

According to a poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University, President Biden’s support among black voters has nosedived to a mere 63%, a far cry from the overwhelming 92% he secured in the 2020 election. 

Even among Hispanic voters, Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to a dismal 34%, down from 59%.

But SNL isn’t the only one taking shots at Biden. 

Sketch-comedy shows overseas are also joining the fray, with an Italian sketch show delivering a scathing critique of Biden’s mental acuity.

Italian comedian Maurizio Crozza’s portrayal of Biden in Fratelli di Crozza left viewers in stitches as he depicted the Democrat President as dazed and confused, stumbling through press conferences and forgetting world leaders’ names. 

The sketch, which went viral on social media, struck a nerve with audiences worldwide, underscoring growing concerns about President Biden’s cognitive fitness.

Obviously, it’s a distressing thought for Americans for our leader to be portrayed this way throughout the world. 

For working class Americans, these comedic jabs at Biden are more than just entertainment, they’re a reflection of the widespread disillusionment with his regime’s policies and “leadership.”

SNL and its counterparts worldwide may revel in poking fun at Biden, but for millions of Americans, the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

With the nation grappling with crises on multiple fronts, from inflation and border security to foreign policy blunders, the last thing we need is a President who’s the punchline of every joke.

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