Jesse Watters was shocked to discover how this plot against Donald Trump is collapsing

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Democrats are scheming to use the justice system to take down Donald Trump.

They’re hoping that the courts will hand the election to Joe Biden.

And Jesse Watters was shocked to discover how this plot against Donald Trump is collapsing.

Democrats brought banana republic-style politics to America by weaponizing the justice system against former President Donald Trump.

The goal is to beat him in the courtroom so President Joe Biden doesn’t have to beat him at the ballot box this November.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald told Fox News’ Jesse Watters that Democrats are “freaking out” because they’re coming to grips with the fact their big bet on beating Trump through lawfare isn’t working.

“It’s kind of amazing that the parts of the corporate media that are desperate for Biden to win, which is pretty much every part of the corporate media, other than the network we’re currently speaking on, is all but explicit that their real strategy is to ensure that Donald Trump is convicted before the election,” Greenwald said.

The delay in the January 6 criminal case and the scandals plaguing Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis make it more likely that Trump wouldn’t be convicted before the election.

“That’s why they’re freaking out, because they know that’s really one of their only chances,” Greenwald continued. “And if you look at polling data, including their own, the new poll that came out from NBC, what they’re finding is that even voting groups that have long been loyal to the Democratic Party, like young voters and Latinos – Trump is now tied with Biden and is consolidating his lead with the Republican voters.”

NBC News poll reveals voters aren’t swayed by lawfare against Trump

A shocking new poll from NBC News found that Trump opened up a five-point lead over Biden which is the biggest margin for him since the network began polling a Trump-Biden matchup in 2019.

Biden’s 37% lowest approval rating in the poll was the lowest of any President in NBC’s polling since former President George W. Bush at the end of his Presidency in 2008.

On the most important issues to voters, like the economy, Trump has a massive lead over Biden in the poll.

Greenwald explained that the media’s relentless smear campaign against Trump wasn’t failing.

“Imagine what it says about the corporate media, that they spent seven years telling people Trump is a white nationalist, a fascist, a criminal, an insurrectionist, a dictator, and the American people are just tuning them out, and Trump’s lead is increasing,” Greenwald said. “It says so much about how the legitimacy of these media outlets has collapsed.”

Watters said that the American people might not see either candidate during the election because Trump would be censored and Biden would stay hidden during the campaign like the 2020 Election.

“This time with the American people already so suspect of his cognitive abilities, let alone his policy failures, I think they desperately need to keep him away from the media,” Greenwald remarked. “But how can you do that in an election when the public already has big questions about whether he’s even competent to do the job?”

Democrats are hoping a decrepit Joe Biden can make it across the finish line in November with their lawfare against Donald Trump failing.

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