Elon Musk went nuclear on taxpayer-funded NPR’s CEO with one epic rant you won’t believe

Heisenberg Media, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats’ media allies no longer even try to be fair or balanced in their political coverage.

That’s certainly the prerogative of private corporations like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC but it becomes a bit of a bigger issue when taxpayers are funding the propaganda disguised as “journalism.”

And Elon Musk went nuclear on taxpayer-funded NPR’s CEO with one epic rant you won’t believe.

Katherine Maher, the new CEO of National Public Radio (NPR), is your typical 2024-era far-leftist. 

She believes that everyone is entitled to voice their opinions – so long as they perfectly conform to Democrats’ woke extremist agenda, of course.

As far as Maher is concerned, anyone with differing worldviews simply isn’t entitled to the same rights as those within the woke religious cult.

NPR CEO just admitted through her actions that she’s a radical

In a recent interview, Maher said, “The number one challenge here that we see is, of course, the First Amendment in the United States which is a fairly robust protection of rights and a protection of rights for platforms that I actually think is very important that platforms have those rights to actually regulate what content they want on their sites. But it also means that it’s a little bit tricky to really address some of the real challenges of where does that information come from and some of the influence peddlers who have made a real market economy around it.

So for Maher, censorship is the way to go.

Maher has been in the news in recent days, and not in a good way, after one of NPR’s editors, Uri Berliner, exposed the pervasive Democrat bias at the taxpayer-funded “news organization” 

For exposing the truth – like the fact that all 87 of NPR’s “editors” are registered, lifelong Democrats, who apparently couldn’t wrap their heads around why that might be a problem when he took issue with it – Berliner was suspended.

Incensed by the payback he received for literally doing what is supposed to be his job as a journalist, Berliner opted to resign instead.

Maher’s general kookiness was unearthed in this highly public process.

She had nasty things to say about former President Donald Trump and openly defended violent Antifa and BLM rioting.

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, in stark contrast to Maher, is committed to free speech and he put his money where his mouth is when he dropped $44 billion to purchase the social media platform formerly known as Twitter in 2022 for the sole purpose of protecting free speech and fighting back against rampant left-wing censorship throughout Big Tech.

Maher is the former CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, and that fact didn’t sit well at all with Musk.

Musk: She’s “one of the worst human beings in America”

In a social media post, Musk called out Maher for what she is.

Musk wrote, “Katherine Maher is blatantly racist and sexist – one of the worst human beings in America.”

It doesn’t get much more direct than that, but Maher clearly had it coming.

And Musk didn’t stop there.

“This keeps getting crazier!” he wrote of Maher’s attacks on the First Amendment. “The head of NPR hates the Constitution of the USA.”

“Defund NPR,” he added. “NPR has become a hard left propaganda machine that tolerates no dissent. It’s ok for a commercial media orgs to have political bias, but not taxpayer-funded orgs!,” and more.

This news cannot be good for Maher’s prospects to maintain her position at the top of what is allegedly a “news network,” given that she’s made some powerful enemies.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Trump, and other Republicans are now calling for NPR to be stripped of taxpayer funding.

That Elon Musk is calling out the radical at the helm is welcome news, and Republicans would be wise to make exposing Democrats’ efforts to fund left-wing propaganda with tax dollars a central issue moving forward.

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