This massive Hollywood star refused to bend the knee to Democrats so now he’s facing these false accusations as payback

Sgt. Valerie C. Eppler, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

For decades, Democrats have been able to rely on Hollywood celebrities to always fall in line behind their campaigns and propaganda narratives.

But there seems to be some sort of shift afoot after this massive Hollywood star refused to bend the knee to Democrats.

And now he’s facing these false accusations as payback.

Democrats’ new target

Most people easily recognize the famous wrestler-turned-actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

During the 2020 election, he happily endorsed President Joe Biden, marking the first time he’d ever used his celebrity to endorse a Presidential candidate.

“In this critical election, I believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the best to lead our country, and as my first ever (public) Presidential endorsement, I proudly endorse them for the presidential office of our United States,” he wrote in a statement at the time.

But since then, The Rock has started changing his tune.

“The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was one, I thought, was the best decision for me at that time,” he said during a recent appearance on Fox and Friends. “I realize now, going into this election, I will not do that.”

He added that his goal is to “bring this country together,” and that he plans to “keep my politics to myself. It is between me and the ballot box.”

The actor also said, “Like all of us out there, not trusting of all politicians, I do trust the American people and whoever they vote for, that is my president and who I will support 100 percent.”

But what really sent Democrats off the deep end was when “The Rock” admitted that the nation has been ravished by the Biden agenda.

“Am I happy with the state of America right now?” he asked rhetorically. “Well, that answer is no.”

The star actor saying he’d support whoever wins the Presidency, and refusing to re-endorse Biden, drew the ire of Democrats and their media allies, such as TheWrap.

After spending nearly two decades as one of Democrats’ media allies’ most beloved celebrities, Johnson has suddenly become their target.

TheWrap recently printed a piece entitled, “How Dwayne Johnson’s Tardiness Led to a $250 Million Runaway Production,” which is filled with verifiable falsehoods.

The article mentions a movie entitled Red One, which is set to release in November 2024, after being rescheduled from November 2023, due to the Hollywood writers’ union strike.

However, TheWrap claimed that it was not the writers’ union going on strike that shut down Red One – as it did literally every other Hollywood production – but rather, “The Rock”, who’s supposed serial tardiness is somehow to blame for the movie being delayed for nearly an entire year.

Things got even worse when the piece added that not only was the actor “late an average of seven to eight hours per day and missed several entire days of production,” but that he would also pee in water bottles to save time.

The publication claims that his behavior upset the crew members, and in some cases, they were forced to shoot around him while the movie was being produced.

According to TheWrap, an insider said, “On set, away from his trailer, if he needs to pee, he doesn’t go to the public bathroom. He pees in a Voss water bottle and his team or a PA has to dispose of it.”

Hit piece says Johnson has had issues for years

It seems ironic that TheWrap would publish this article, just weeks after Johnson refused to endorse President Biden, even though its own article states his supposed problems have been ongoing for years.

The article also claimed that Johnson violated quarantine rules during the pandemic, “frequently flying home and breaking the extremely strict rules of the bubble.”

It also says that the pee bottle incident was made public in 2017, yet no one seemed to care about it at the time.

That’s probably because “The Rock” was, at least, assumed to be a full supporter of Democrat politicians back then.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s team denied the allegations about his tardiness on set.

Whenever celebrities change their political opinions, Democrats pounce, berating them and attempting to destroy their lives and reputations.

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