Joe Biden was left shaking with rage when he received this bombshell news about his re-election campaign

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The American people are becoming more and more disillusioned with Joe Biden.

As prices continue to skyrocket and Biden’s open border policies threaten to literally rip the country apart at the seams, working class Americans are finally making their voices heard.

That’s why Joe Biden was left shaking with rage when he received this bombshell news about his re-election campaign.

The latest polls could mean the end of the Biden era

Troubled President Joe Biden just set a new record as the least popular President in more than 70 years.

The New York Post reported that Biden now ranks lower than former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon – who resigned in disgrace amidst a supposed political conspiracy – at the lowest points of their Presidencies.

This recent poll data suggests that the Biden regime could be coming to an end this November.

The recent Gallup Poll points out that the 81-year-old Biden has just a 38.7% job approval rating so far in the first quarter of 2024.

That means Biden’s approval rating is currently three points lower than that of former President George H.W. Bush at the same point in his Presidency in 1992, and he obviously went on to lose his re-election bid to former President Bill Clinton later that year with an Electoral College count of 370-168.

Gallup also pointed out that with Election Day less than six months away, “Biden stands in a weaker position than any prior incumbent.”

For comparison, former President Donald Trump had a 46.8% approval rating – over eight points higher than Biden’s current approval rating – six months out from the 2020 election he ultimately lost.

“Jimmy Carter is the only other president with a sub-50% average in his 13th quarter,” Gallup noted. “Three of the four prior presidents who had 13th-quarter approval averages below 50% lost their reelection bids, with Obama the exception.”

“Four of the six presidents who were reelected — Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — averaged between 51% and 55% approval during their 13th quarters,” the polling firm continued.

Consistently low numbers for Biden making him increasingly vulnerable

The report also pointed out that while Biden’s latest quarterly average is the lowest of his Presidency so far, it isn’t much lower than the previous quarter, in which his approval rating was just 39% approval rating.

These consistently low numbers do not bode well for Biden’s re-election hopes.

And Biden’s historically low polling numbers are not anything new.

His approval rating dropped dramatically just six months into his Presidency.

His approval rating was hovering around 50% in the first two quarters of his term, and then it began dropping, remaining around 40% ever since.

“During the 13th quarter, the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza continued, as did elevated levels of illegal crossings at the U.S. Southern border,” Gallup reported.

“In February, a bipartisan immigration reform bill negotiated in the Senate failed to pass. And while macroeconomic indicators, particularly job growth, remain positive, there have been signs that inflation may be increasing again. The stock market, which hit record highs during the quarter, has faltered in recent weeks,” the report added.

What is left to determine is if Donald Trump will be able to take advantage of these historically low numbers and win back the White House in November.

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