Donald Trump flipped his lid after Joe Biden secured this Big Labor endorsement

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Union officials across the nation are destroying the American economy and American industry in order to line their own pockets. 

To make matters worse, these greedy union bosses are working tirelessly to ensure Joe Biden’s reelection, spending billions of union dues along the way. 

But Donald Trump flipped his lid after Joe Biden secured this Big Labor endorsement.

Union officials are waiting in line to gain Joe Biden’s favor ahead of 2024

With the 2024 election on the horizon, union officials are lining up to curry favor with President Joe Biden and his radical Democrat cronies. 

In 2022, experts estimate that union officials spent over $2 billion to elect radical Democrats to Congress – that’s $2 billion they took from the paychecks of workers for “union dues” and then funneled to Democrats’ campaign coffers – and this year they are likely to spend even more. 

For example, on Wednesday, Shawn Fein, the president of the corrupt and powerful United Automobile Workers (UAW) union, declared his public support for President Biden at the UAW’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. 

“If our endorsements have to be earned, Joe Biden has earned it,” Fein claimed. “Today, I’m proud to stand up here with your International Executive Board and announce that the UAW is endorsing Joe Biden for President of the United States.  We will reelect Joe Biden.”

“This November, we can stand up and elect someone who stands with us and supports our cause, or we can elect someone who will divide us and fight us every step of the way,” he said, prior to his endorsement. “That’s what this choice is about.”

Political experts are not surprised at all by this endorsement, given Fein’s many public espousals of hatred for Trump.

During his speech on Wednesday, Fein took several jabs at Trump, including showing a blank slide that was supposed to represent everything Trump has done for the UAW.

“He did nothing, not a damn thing because he doesn’t care about the American worker,” Fein added, as if the UAW’s priorities are shared by all working class Americans. “Donald Trump stands against everything we stand for as a union, as a society.”

As far as the UAW is concerned, the union recently ended a costly strike in which union officials demanded significant raises and lower hours, despite many automobile manufacturing jobs going overseas in recent years.

Additionally, the two individuals who served as UAW’s President prior to Fein’s accession to the post are currently sitting in federal prison on corruption charges after using dues paid by union workers to pay for luxury bottles of wine, summer homes, and even alimony payments. 

Union officials are determined to destroy American manufacturing

Thanks to the diligent work of union officials over the last several decades, the once booming manufacturing hub of Detroit is a hollowed-out shell of its former glory, with millions of jobs going overseas.

With Election Day looming, expect powerful union officials to come out in favor of Joe Biden, who they know will protect them and their greedy self-interests. 

As far as rank-and-file workers are concerned, many are growing tired of throwing money at far-left radicals who do not align with their values, which has caused union membership to dwindle all across the nation in recent years. 

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