Democrats are furious after Jonathan Turley blew the lid on this Democrat Judge’s sneaky move against Donald Trump

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Donald Trump is facing an enormous fine after a ruling out of a New York district court.

The penalties could result in the former President losing large swaths of his real estate empire.

And now Democrats are furious after Jonathan Turley blew the lid on this Democrat Judge’s sneaky move against Donald Trump.

Turley suggests that Engoron is trying to put Trump in an impossible situation

Former President Donald Trump has been ordered to pay $354 million in penalties after Judge Arthur Engoron ruled against him in a civil fraud trial. 

The case stems from loan requests in which the judge claims that he inflated the value of his assets used as collateral.

Experts from both the legal field and the real estate world have said that there is no evidence of fraud in the case. 

But Jonathan Turley is looking at it from a different angle. 

The George Washington University law professor believes that there’s a specific reason for the large fine – Engoron wants to stop Trump from considering an appeal. 

“It looks like you’re trying to appeal a court order to take your home, but you have to sell your home to appeal the order,” Turley said.

Penalties guarantee “Trump will lose considerable money”

The comments were made in an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum.

But Turley says that it likely won’t come to that for Trump. 

“I don’t think that Trump is going to have to liquidate assets, particularly if he goes on the bond route,” he said.

The legal expert went on to say that “to keep up the bond, you lose part of that money, so it would cost him a great deal of money, even if he were to win.” 

Turley believes that Engoron is trying to create a lose-lose situation for Trump. 

“By making this judgment so large, the judge makes it difficult to appeal his decision and it guarantees that Trump will lose considerable money” no matter the outcome, he says.

And Turley believes that there is just one course of action for Trump from here.

Ruling is nothing short of “confiscatory”

New York Democrat Attorney General Letitia James has made it clear since before she was elected that she was aiming to destroy Trump. 

Now, it looks like the radical left-wing prosecutor is using Democrats’ weaponized justice system to force Trump to sell off his assets or see them confiscated by the state.

“I mean, this really gets into a point where it’s coercive for parties, where it becomes confiscatory,” he told MacCallum.

Turley went on to explain that Trump will have to “engage in a fire sale at distressed prices to cover the deposit just to get someone to look at the judgment of one judge.

It appears that there’s only one option for Trump at this point – plead with the courts to consider a reduction in bond.

“I would actually ask both the trial court and the appellate court to allow waiver of this deposit because of the enormity of this fine or at least to reduce it,” Turley said.

There’s no way Trump will take this lying down. 

But if he doesn’t act fast, it could hurt him substantially.

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