Americans of faith erupted in cheers when Donald Trump delivered one Holy Week message Democrats didn’t want to hear

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Donald Trump is back in peak campaign form.

The former President has recently been making big promises to protect religious liberties in America.

And now Americans of faith erupted in cheers when Donald Trump delivered one Holy Week message Democrats didn’t want to hear.

Trump touts God Bless the USA Bible during Holy Week message

Former President Donald Trump kicked off Holy Week this year with a special message that highlighted the necessity of faith in America and encouraged people to pick up a Bible. 

The former President had a specific Bible in mind, the God Bless the USA Bible. 

Published and sold by musician Lee Greenwood, the Bible is presented in the King James Version and is “proudly made in the USA,” according to his website.

But that’s not what makes this version of the Bible different. 

This Bible also has our nation’s founding documents, including the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Greenwood’s God Bless the USA has long been a fixture at Trump rallies, as it is often played as he takes the stage. 

Trump encouraged Americans to pick the Bible up, saying that many people have never read the founding documents, so they don’t know their rights as Americans.

The former President went on to explain how faith in God and pride in our country would be the ultimate solution to our problems. 

Trump warns “Christians are under siege”

Speaking about the God Bless the USA Bible, Trump said, “You have to have it for your heart and for your soul.” 

“This Bible is a reminder that the biggest thing we have to bring back America and make America great again is our religion,” he said.

Trump suggested that religion and Christianity are “missing” in our country and that soon people will recognize their importance to our freedoms. 

“It’s going to come back and it’s going to come back strong, just like our country is going to come back strong,” he asserted.

Trump went on to say that the absence of faith is “one of the biggest problems” that we have, and it’s the reason that “our country is going haywire.” 

“Christians are under siege. We must protect content that is pro-God. We love God, and we have to protect anything that is pro-God,” he said.

“Let’s make America pray again”

Trump said that “all Americans need to have a Bible in the home” and that he has “many” because it’s his “favorite book.” 

The Bible will help lead our country to where it needs to be and encourage Americans to remember that we don’t worship government.

“In the end, we do not answer to bureaucrats in Washington, we answer to God in Heaven,” he said. 

If we want to end the siege on Christianity, then we must remember this: “We must defend God in the public square and not allow the media or the left-wing groups to silence, censor or discriminate against” communities of faith.

Trump said the attack on Judeo-Christian values is truly an effort to destroy the foundation of the U.S.

“We have to bring Christianity back into our lives and back into what will be a again a great nation,” he said.

“Let’s make America pray again—God Bless you and God Bless the USA,” he concluded.

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