What Kevin James did when faced with one of every parents’ biggest nightmares will leave you stunned

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Everyone goes through different health challenges throughout the course of their lives.

But nothing can make us feel more lost and hopeless than when our children go through them.

And now what Kevin James did when faced with one of every parents’ biggest nightmares will leave you stunned.

Kevin James opens up about daughter’s struggles with autism

King of Queens star Kevin James recently opened up about his personal life, and his daughter’s fight with autism during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience

The conversation took a serious turn when the pair began talking about the struggles that young people go through today.

“It’s a tough ride for kids today. It is a very, very tough ride with new challenges that we never had to experience,” Rogan said. 

“My oldest daughter is on the spectrum, and you know, so we started seeing this anxiety, this disconnection,” James responded.

James said that his daughter developed “tics” before she started getting violent and inflicting self-harm. 

“I mean like really bad where she started hitting herself you know like uncontrollable,” he remembered. “The development came in the early teenage years for Sienna.”

James didn’t know what to do so he turned to his faith.

“I just said I’m going to do whatever I can. . .”

The Grown Ups co-star felt like there was nothing that he could do and after struggling with it personally he decided to begin a period of fasting and prayer. 

James didn’t know how long he would last but he dove into the fast headfirst—then it lasted 41 days.

“When I lock on, I can do something,” he said.

Rogan was shocked by the length of his fast, but James reiterated that all he had was “water and a little salt for electrolytes.” 

“I felt so bad for my daughter, I said I’m going to do this for you. . .I didn’t say I’m going to do forty days. I just said I’m going to do whatever I can, I’m going to start fasting right now. I was praying for her, I mean I was worried,” he said.

James says that he almost stopped after getting hungry within just a few days. 

But his daughter told him that she was feeling better, and he decided to keep going with the fast.

Not long after James met Dr. Robert Melillo.

A couple weeks later “the tics were gone”

Dr. Melillo specializes in childhood neurological disorders, and he offered James and his family much needed relief. 

The neurologist and his team developed the “Melillo Method,” which focuses on a “maturational imbalance” between the hemispheres of a patient’s brain.

Melillo breaks down exactly how it works in a video on his YouTube Channel. 

“So, we’re using a unique combination of different sensory type of stimulation along with cognitive and nutritional based interventions to be able to help promote the proper development of the brain. . .” he says.

James said that he and his wife had “lost hope” but within just a couple of weeks of seeing Melillo “the tics were gone.” 


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It just goes to show how a little bit of faith, research, and patience can go a long way. 

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