This WWE executive just exposed how the Biden regime is destroying the backbone of America

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Believe it or not. Donald Trump is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame after taking part in numerous events including WrestleMania and hosting others at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. 

He even tapped one of the company’s executives to join his cabinet.

And now this WWE executive just exposed how the Biden regime is destroying the backbone of America.

A stark warning for small business owners

The WWE is now an international, publicly traded corporation valued at nearly $8.5 billion. 

However, it started out as a family-owned, regional promotions business. 

And while the company’s controversial founder, Vince McMahon, may have been the face of the company, it was his wife, Linda, who served as its Chief Executive Officer throughout its rise in popularity.

Former President Donald Trump recognized McMahon’s experience and expertise, tapping her to head the Small Business Administration during his Presidency.

Today, McMahon is the Chair of the America First Policy Institute, along with Vice Chair Larry Kudlow.

And now, Linda McMahon is blowing the whistle on the Biden regime’s latest move harming mom and pop shops. 

Linda McMahon lays the Smackdown on Biden’s NLRB

McMahon wrote an op-ed for The Daily Caller last week that explained a little-reported new ruling from President Joe Biden’s union-stacked National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 

According to McMahon, the NLRB has ruled that starting this week, small business franchise owners will now be considered employees of the franchising corporation. 

McMahon summarized the ruling as the Biden regime deciding from Washington, D.C. who can and can’t own a business.

“The latest regulation from the National Labor Relations Board is yet another blow for small business owners who run franchised companies,” McMahon wrote. “The new rule… prevents franchise owners of your favorite local restaurant, gym, or hotel from simply running their own businesses. Instead, they will be demoted from owners to employees.” 

McMahon believes the move could spell the end of the franchise model that has been a great success for tens of thousands of families across the country.

According to McMahon, two-thirds of franchisee owners believe it’ll be more difficult now for new entrepreneurs to start a franchise.  

“This rule would take away all the incentives of entrepreneurship and force these risk-takers into functioning as a very small part of a much larger corporation,” McMahon wrote. “Though the National Labor Relations Board claims that this rule will protect individual owners — because the liability will roll up to the large corporation — the reality is that bureaucrats in Washington will now decide who can and cannot be their own boss.” 

Biden’s NLRB returning to failed Obama-era policy

McMahon pointed out in her op-ed that the NLRB made the same move during the Obama regime. 

She cited industry surveys showing 92% of franchised businesses said they received “less support from their brands after the rule went into place.” 

Furthermore, McMahon listed estimates that the Obama NLRB rule – the same one just passed by Biden’s NLRB – killed more than 376,000 franchise jobs and cost franchise businesses over $33.3 billion annually while in place.

Trump overturned the rule during his time in the White House. 

This time, America’s small business owners might not have to wait for a second Trump term to reverse the failed policy. 

McMahon is encouraged by members of both the House and the Senate pushing a bill that would overrule the NLRB policy making franchisee owners corporate employees. 

She says there is bipartisan support for the legislation, including endorsements from National Black, Hispanic, and Asian/Pacific Islander Chambers of Commerce. 

The reason these minority-representation groups are supporting the bill is that the NLRB ruling will negatively impact minority business owners most of all. 

According to McMahon, about one-third of franchise businesses are minority-owned, compared to 18.8% of non-franchised businesses.

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