Republicans are suing this Democrat Governor for blatantly violating the Constitution


While most conservatives are paying attention to the power grabs in Washington, D.C., there are also leftist power grabs happening locally too. 

Some Governors keep trying to ignore their state’s constitutions in order to inflict their radical ideology on their states when they can’t get the legislature to go along with them.  

And now, this Democrat Governor of a swing state is being sued by Republican state legislators for violating the state’s Constitution. 

The battleground state of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the definition of a purple, or swing state. 

It will be one of a small handful of states that decides the next President of the United States. 

In 2020, Joe Biden squeaked out a controversial victory in the state by only about a half-point. 

In the prior Presidential election cycle, Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton by a razor thin three-quarters of a point. 

The state has one Republican and one Democrat U.S. Senator. 

Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation is split with five Republicans and two Democrats. 

And while the GOP enjoys a nearly two-to-one advantage in both bodies of the State Legislature, Badger State residents have twice elected a Madison Leftist as Governor. 

Democrat Governor Tony Evers narrowly beat then-incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker in 2018 by about 1-point. 

However, Evers won re-election in the 2022 midterms by 3-points. 

Evers has had a controversial run as the head of the cheese state – in fact, now his own government is taking him to court. 

Wisconsin legislature and Governor are suing each other

The Washington Examiner is reporting the State Legislature is suing both Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WDPI). 

The lawsuit claims Ever has violated the state’s Constitution and improperly used his veto powers, especially in concern to literacy education legislation. 

Wisconsin Speaker of the House Robin Vos and State President Chris Kapenga have been frustrated over Evers using his veto to keep certain aspects of bills he likes, and eliminating the aspects of bills that aren’t woke enough for his taste. 

However, according to The Washington Examiner, the lawsuit focused more on a technicality of Evers vetoing a non-appropriations literacy education bill the legislature passed back in February. 

In Wisconsin, the Governor can only veto appropriation bills. 

The suit outlines Wisconsin procedure requiring the Governor to call for a roll call vote if he wanted the bill to be classified as an appropriations bill – he did not. 

As part of Evers’ veto, he changed the language of the passed legislation to give more discretion to the WDPI – which was not the intent of the bill passed by the Wisconsin House and Senate. 

The lawsuit from the legislature calls for an injunction preventing WDPI from spending any money on the literacy program until the courts get to the bottom of the situation. 

The original bill intended for specific literacy programs to be created. 

Evers responded to the suit by filing one of his own against the GOP chairs of three legislative committees. 

Evers’ suit aims to limit legislative power and increase executive power in America’s Dairyland. 

Who should win the Wisconsin inter-governmental lawsuits?