This warmongering, establishment former Trump advisor made one Presidential endorsement that has Liz Cheney giddy

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Trump Derangement Syndrome broke plenty of ruling class elites’ brains but none more than Liz Cheney.

Despite suffering a historic landslide defeat in the 2022 Midterms she’s determined to get her retribution against the working class Americans who oppose her ilk by taking out Donald Trump.

But now this warmongering, establishment former Trump advisor made one Presidential endorsement that has Liz Cheney giddy.

Trump vs. Biden: A clear contrast

It’s almost become a cliché – every four-years, voters are told, “this is the most important election in American history.” 

However, in 2024, that very well could be the case. 

During former President Donald Trump’s four-years in the White House, there was peace and prosperity. 

The economy was churning out record numbers, and workers were getting paid more while paying out less in taxes. 

Not only were there no new wars under Trump, but he also orchestrated historic Middle East peace agreements.

In President Joe Biden’s first term, inflation is crippling American families, wars are breaking out all over the globe, his regime is attacking the First and Second Amendments, government agencies have been weaponized, the nuclear family is being targeted, and America can no longer even agree on what a woman actually is. 

With such a clear contrast between Trump and Biden, 2024 may very well be the most important election in American history. 

But yet, there are still some self-proclaimed “Republicans” who are doing everything within their power to obtain four-more years of the Biden regime. 

A voter for Cheney is a vote for Biden

One of those Never-Trumpers is former Trump national security adviser John Bolton.

In an interview with CNN, Bolton admitted that he couldn’t bring himself to pull the lever for Trump in the past, even though Trump gave him a prominent role in his administration.

“Well, I might as well say it now,” Bolton said. “I voted for Dick Cheney.”

Just last year, former Vice President Dick Cheney declared Trump a so-called “threat” to the U.S.

And Cheney’s daughter, disgraced former Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY), has vowed to do everything in her power to keep Trump out of the White House, even though that means the Biden regime would continue. 

But none of that is keeping Bolton off Team Cheney. 

“And I’ll vote for Dick Cheney again this November,” Bolton added. “Because he was a principled Reaganite conservative, and he still is. Age is no longer a factor in American presidential politics, so his age doesn’t disqualify him.”

Dick Cheney turned 83 earlier this year, Biden will be 82 this November, and Donald Trump is 77 making him the youngest candidate in the race. 

However, Bolton still plans on writing-in “Dick Cheney” on his ballot – claiming former President George W. Bush’s saber-rattling Vice President would make for a better Commander-in-Chief than either Trump or Biden. 

Of course, Dick Cheney will thankfully not win the Presidency this November, or any other time.

So while writing-in “Cheney” instead of checking the box for Biden may make Bolton feel better, it’s still a vote for Biden.

And Liz Cheney couldn’t be happier about it. 

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