This self-proclaimed “Christian nationalist” pastor made one admission that sent Democrats into hysterics

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Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are desperate to convince Americans that one of the biggest threats to America is so-called “Christian nationalism.”

In fact they’ve even gone so far as to start adding anyone who purchases a Bible to a “domestic terror” watch list.

But this self-proclaimed “Christian nationalist” pastor made one admission that sent Democrats into hysterics.

The Left is trying to get Christians “around the neck”

The phrase “Christian nationalism” is proving to be nothing but another of Democrats’ propaganda buzzwords.

Democrats are using it as if it will earn them some sort of commendation. 

But to working class Americans from all walks of life, it is a blatant attack on their fundamental rights.

Tucker Carlson recently sat down with a self-proclaimed “Christian nationalist” to get a better understanding of what it actually means. 

Doug Wilson is a pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and he says that he is embracing the term, only because it’s better than other things he’s been called.

Wilson says before the phrase became popularized, he was more likely to be called “racist,” “Christo-fascist,” or even a “slave advocate.” 

The pastor says that the term “Christian nationalist” is just another attempt by Democrats to get Christians “around the neck.”

But Wilson says that being a “Christian nationalist” isn’t bad at all.

The federal government is “aspiring to deity”

According to Wilson, Democrats will openly admit that “anybody who believes that rights come from God and not from Congress and not from the Supreme Court is a Christian nationalist.” 

That puts him in the same league as people like Thomas Jefferson and he’s ok with that.

The way the pastor sees it, if we aren’t beholden to God then we’re not likely going to be a very good citizenry, and the same goes for the state. 

“If there is no God above the state, the state is God. That state becomes God, and it assumes the prerogatives of deity,” he said. 

Wilson pointed to examples of an omnipresent government surveillance apparatus that we have all grown far, far too accustomed to.

“They want to control absolutely everything, every keystroke. They want to control everything because they’re aspiring to deity,” he told Carlson.

Wilson went on to explain how this could lead to troubling circumstances.

Spanish Inquisition pales in comparison the secular communist regimes

History has been fraught with examples of secular governments led by their own version of morality ending in terrible consequences.

“All law is imposed morality. . . it’s not whether you’re imposing morality, it’s which morality you’re imposing,” the pastor explained.

Wilson says that he trusts “the Christians to take better of a secularists liberty” more than he trusts a secularist to take care of his own.

Hitting on the topic of the Spanish Inquisition, he recognized that terrible things have happened in the name of theocracies.

But the casualties have been much higher with secular communist regimes.

“The Spanish Inquisition killed a few thousand people over a few centuries—that was Stalin on a slow afternoon,” he said.

Wilson says that it’s time for young Christian leaders to stand up and speak truth in every space.

Christians cannot continue to let themselves be lied about and smeared while secularists from history “go on serenely.”

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