This Democrat-controlled state’s “solution” to the looming disaster their woke policies created will leave you totally dumbfounded

Photo by Andrés García from Pexels

Democrat-controlled states across the nation are in a bit of a pickle.

They’ve spent decades enacting the most radical left-wing policies imaginable and now their chickens are coming home to roost.

And this Democrat-controlled state’s “solution” to the looming disaster their woke policies created will leave you totally dumbfounded.

Democrat-controlled Massachusetts has been burning through $75 million in taxpayer money each month in order to house illegal aliens as per the state’s “right to shelter” law.

But woke Massachusetts is about to turn into broke Massachusetts as their radical spending is likely to deplete their 2024 budget funds within the next few weeks.

Massachusetts has spent the last few decades drifting rapidly towards the fringe of woke extremism.

In 1983, the Democrat-controlled state enacted a “right to shelter” law, which guarantees housing for any and all families in Massachusetts.

This law was the first of its kind, and Massachusetts is currently the only state in the nation that offers such a guarantee.

As one would imagine, this set the New England state up for disaster in wake of the Biden border crisis that has only worsened over the years.

With states like Texas sending illegal aliens apprehended in their states to so-called “sanctuary” cities and states, the Bay State’s right to shelter law has acted as a magnet for many of these homeless illegal aliens.

Last year, the radical leftist Democrat Governor Maura Healey had to institute a state of emergency due to the state’s inability to follow through on their promise for housing.

“We are entering a new phase of this challenge,” Governor Healey told reporters last October. “We can no longer guarantee shelter placement for families who are sent here.”

In her press conference, Healey resorted to asking individual families to host some illegal aliens as a way to help out.

Despite winning her 2022 election for Governor with roughly 63% of the vote, the Healey regime is struggling to find a few thousand of those voters to step up and actually put their money where their mouths are.

With more illegal aliens moving to Massachusetts, and the state increasing their financial commitments to follow through on their “right to shelter” law, it’s starting to look like a lost cause.

Even though the Democrat-controlled state has been spending a mind-boggling $75 million per month to house illegal aliens, Healey’s regime announced that they have already nearly depleted their 2024 budget.

Governor Healey has not stated exactly when the funds are expected to run dry, but according to a recent Boston Herald report, the coffers should be empty around early to mid-April.

“We don’t have any further updates at this time,” said Matt Murphy, spokesman for the regime’s Executive Office for Administration and Finance.

But the proposed solution for the pending crisis is just as bad as you would expect for a Democrat-controlled state like Massachusetts – just throw more taxpayer money at the problem.

The Healey regime is asking the Democrat-controlled state legislature to pass a supplemental budget in order to continue pumping hundreds of millions more into the clearly failed program.

“We are encouraged by the progress the Legislature has made and look forward to working with them to finalize the supplemental budget as soon as possible,” Murphy told the Boston Herald.

With less than 10,000 illegal alien families pushing the state to the brink of catastrophe, the numbers from neighboring areas paints a picture that there will be plenty more struggles to come.

According to the Daily Wire, “New York City has a similar shelter crisis with more than 183,000 migrants arriving since spring of 2022.”

“Chicago has seen more than 37,000 migrants arrive since the summer of 2022,” The Daily Wire added.

Democrat politicians like Governor Muara Healey and Senator Elizabeth Warren (Socialist-MA) have long pushed for open border policies that put American taxpayers last.

But now that they are expected to face the fire, they are hardly anywhere to be seen or heard.

Unfortunately, the people of Massachusetts voted to bake this cake, but now they are seeing what happens if they try to eat it too.

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