The Supreme Court gave working-class Americans the middle finger as it dodges one of the biggest issues plaguing the nation

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Free speech in America goes to die on college campuses.

But any hope of protecting the First Amendment on college campuses was just destroyed by our highest court.

The Supreme Court slaps Americans in the face as it dodges one of the biggest issues facing conservatives.

Your free speech ends where your conservative views begin

The First Amendment right to free speech is clearly one of the most important God-given, natural rights enshrined in the Constitution.

But despite its immense importance, the right to free speech is facing relentless attacks from the ruling class elites, and the pro-authoritarian enablers who support and vote for them.

From politicians and unelected bureaucrats to corporate executives and Wall Street fat cats to so-called “educators” and Democrats’ media allies, the elites are doing everything they can to demonize and smear the right to free speech in order to censor and silence anyone who dares disagree with their left-wing, anti-American agenda.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are already blocking Trump supporters for just expressing their political viewpoints.

Even the federal government is in on the tyrannical restriction of free speech.

We all know that agencies like the FBI are actively intimidating Christians and conservative Americans for their viewpoints as they’ve even targeted traditional Catholics and concerned parents who speak out against woke indoctrination at local school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

But nowhere on Earth is freedom of speech threatened more than on college campuses.

Nearly every college and university, even supposedly Christian universities, are restricting the free speech of conservative students in many ways.

Many were hopeful that the Orwellian restrictions on free speech at universities would cease to exist with one rising case that made its way all the way to the Supreme Court.

Roberts’ scurried away from another pro-conservative case

Speech First v. Sands was the biggest free speech case to come to the Supreme Court in years.

At the heart of the case, students at Virginia Tech were openly targeted by the university because they held “unpopular” views about violent, left-wing movements, like Black Lives Matter.

And for their conservative beliefs they were targeted by Virginia Tech as the school had a bias program in place that would allow students to report other students for having conservative views.

And the conservative students would then be given a hearing to explain why they spewed such hateful speech.

But the Supreme Court did what it does best – avoid unnecessary confrontational topics.

And the Supreme Court sided with Virginia Tech by throwing out the case, claiming it was a “moot” issue.

Over the dissent of Justice Thomas and Alito, the Court claimed that they didn’t need to hear the case as the policy at Tech had changed.

This is another example of the majority of the justices on the Supreme Court not realizing that time we live in.

Dozens of other colleges and universities have the same, if not worse, restrictive policies in place.

And instead of defending free speech of conservative students, the majority of Republican appointed Justices tucked their tails and refused to hear the case.

If you are counting on the Supreme Court to side with middle America on any hard case, you are sadly mistaken.

Do you trust that the Supreme Court will rule in Trump’s favor for his immunity case?