The Biden regime is filled with dread over this major existential threat facing Joe Biden’s re-election campaign

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The Democrat Party has done everything they can to circle the wagons around Joe Biden even going so far as to manipulate their Primary to ensure he faced no real challenge whatsoever.

That decision may be blowing up in their face though.

And now the Biden regime is filled with dread over this major existential threat facing Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

Kennedy taps Shanahan saying she left the Democrat Party over “values”

The Democrat Party did everything they could to keep anyone from challenging President Joe Biden in the 2024 Primary.

And at first, it seemed like they succeeded. 

But the heir to the Kennedy political dynasty, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., announced that he would run as an independent. 

At first, most political commentators expected Kennedy to pull from conservative voters due to the fact that he voiced opposition to much of the federal government’s authoritarian policies implemented during COVID.

But then he made a major announcement that shocked the political establishment.

Nicole Shanahan, a lawyer and philanthropist from California, will be his running mate. 

Though Shanahan is largely unknown in national politics, she has deep pockets, and has contributed to many major Democrat campaigns in past cycles. 

The political outsider has made her career fighting for abortion rights, criminal justice, and environmental extremism. 

Kennedy said that both had left the Democrat Party because the “values” of the Party no longer support any of their top concerns. 

This sent shockwaves amongst Democrats, and Biden’s campaign was left struggling to figure out how to respond.

Cornel West taps BLM leader as running mate

Now, Biden just got more bad news as ultra woke extremist, Independent Presidential candidate Cornel West announced his Vice Presidential running mate.

The deranged woke activist is tapping into racial divisions in the country with his pick of a founding member of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter, Melina Abdullah.

“It is my profound honor to stand alongside my dear sister, Dr. Melina Abdullah, a fierce and tireless advocate for truth, justice, and transformative change,” he said in the announcement. 

West said that his pick would bring a “unique Black analysis,” and a “deep vision” of social activism to his ticket.

The Independent Presidential candidate promised their campaign would offer “opposition to the oppressive forces,” and spark “a movement to not only dismantle harmful systems,” but to lay a foundation for a new vision of our country.

“I look forward to working with her as we strengthen our commitment in our campaign for truth, justice, and love!” the statement read. 

USA Today warns Independents could “return Trump to the White House”

While few people believe that West will come anywhere close to actually being a legitimate candidate in the Presidential race, some analysts do believe that the combination of both West and Kennedy’s campaigns could very well be enough to deliver a detrimental blow to the Biden campaign. 

USA Today previously ran an opinion piece in which they warned of the impact third-party candidates could have on Biden’s re-election efforts.

The headline read, “RFK Jr. can’t win. But he and Cornel West could put Trump back in the White House.”

Citing a poll by Bloomberg, the authors warned that “when minor party candidates. . . were added to the mix, Biden’s narrow lead in Wisconsin became a 2-point loss, a tie in Pennsylvania flipped to Trump by 6 points and Michigan remained dead even.”

“Such an outcome would return Trump to the White House,” they warned. 

Up until the nominations, many people believed that Kennedy would pull more from Trump. 

But the choice of far-left Shanahan as a VP pick will likely push every Republican away from Kennedy and back into the arms of Trump. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.