Pete Buttigieg’s take on Democrat-controlled cities’ skyrocketing crime rates will leave you seeing red

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Whether he’s been absent on paternity leave or absent in the face of disaster in the form of a train derailment Pete Buttigieg hasn’t endeared himself to the public.

Some of his recent comments have only added insult to injury.

And now Pete Buttigieg’s take on Democrat-controlled cities’ skyrocketing crime rates will leave you seeing red.

One of the hallmarks of the Biden Presidency is the misguided belief that if regime officials simply ignore a problem, no one will notice it, even when it festers out of control.

That’s been the Biden regime’s course of action on illegal immigration, and it’s led to the disastrous effects of the Biden border crisis.

Biden has tried that tack on inflation – simply pretending that the problem isn’t there and that “inflation is coming down” – even though it’s self-evident to working class Americans that it’s not the case.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg waited three weeks to survey the damage after a disastrous train derailment released toxic chemicals into the air and forced hundreds of residents to evacuate.

The perception has justifiably been that the U.S. government isn’t up to the task of fixing tangible problems plaguing the country.

One notorious problem that should be obvious to the ruling class elites, especially those in Democrat-controlled cities like Washington, D.C., is that criminal activity is out of control.

But Buttigieg and other willfully blind Democrats are pushing the narrative that everything is totally fine and under control.

In an interview with former Biden White House Press Secretary turned MSNBC talking head Jen Psaki, Buttigieg poured cold water on the idea that our nation’s capital is crime-infested.

Buttigieg: Don’t believe the stories.  I know D.C. is safe because I can walk my dog with my security detail

Buttigieg told Psaki, “We need to talk about the reality here, and again, there is a lot of funding and a lot of energy going into telling a different story, especially on ideological news outlets and online. But, the simple facts and the simple reality are right here staring us in the face, including the fact that I can safely walk my dog to the Capitol today in a way that you couldn’t do when we all got here.”

He neglected to mention the security detail that accompanies him and other ruling class elites at all times.

The truth is drastically different from Buttigieg’s happy talk

As RNC Research helpfully pointed out on X, last year, Washington, D.C. had its deadliest year in 20+ years, and saw the largest violent crime spike of any major U.S. city.

The city ended 2023 with 5,336 violent crimes reported, a 39% increase from the 3,850 reported in 2022.

Additionally, 6,829 motor vehicle thefts occurred in 2023, an 82% increase from 3,756 reported in 2022.

And even though we are only a little over three months into 2024, so far there have been 558 robberies reported, an 18% decrease from 680 robberies reported by this time in 2023.

As is usual with Biden officials (and Biden himself), so much of what Buttigieg says simply doesn’t comport with reality.

If polling is correct, the people aren’t buying what the administration is selling, and if that continues through November there may yet be hope for some major policy reversals in January.

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