Megyn Kelly unleashed on Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris after they targeted country music for a woke makeover

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

Democrats will stop at nothing to seize total control over every aspect of working class Americans’ daily lives.

How else are they supposed to brainwash everyone into their woke religious cult?

And now Megyn Kelly unleashed on Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris after they targeted country music for a woke makeover.

Megyn Kelly is back with a stereotypical hot take.

In a scathing critique, the podcast host took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Kelly took major issue with these two Democrat women for their lavish praise of Beyoncé’s new so-called “country music” album, Cowboy Carter.

In a recent episode of The Megyn Kelly Show, Kelly didn’t mince words as she lambasted the ruling class elite’s adulation of the multi-Grammy winner, comparing it to the Second Coming. 

“Whenever she does anything, we have to pretend she’s the Second Coming,” Kelly exclaimed on her show. “They literally call her ‘Queen Bey.’ It’s like she can do absolutely no wrong.”

Kelly’s criticism didn’t stop there. 

She specifically called out Harris and Obama for their effusive praise of Beyoncé’s album. 

“Why did country need to be redefined?” Kelly asked rhetorically. “What was wrong with it that we needed it to be rescued by Beyoncé?”

Reading aloud from Harris and Obama’s social media posts, Kelly portrayed their words in a dramatic, sappy voice, mocking their sentiments about Beyoncé’s impact on country music. 

“You’ve transformed it,” Kelly said sarcastically, quoting Obama. “I’m so proud of you. ‘Cowboy Carter’ is a reminder that despite everything we’ve been through, to be heard, seen, and recognized.”

But Kelly didn’t stop there. 

She delved into Beyoncé’s music, critiquing its perceived empowerment message. 

“The original ‘Jolene’ is a story about a woman feeling threatened by another woman… Then of course, because it’s ‘Queen Bey,’ we have to change it to be ‘f–king take my man, I will hurt you b–h…’” Kelly exclaimed.

Concluding her remarks, Kelly expressed her disapproval of the modern-day definition of a “strong woman,” and implied that Beyoncé struggles with insecurity issues. 

“You can’t have any vulnerabilities or insecurities,” Kelly lamented. “The true power move is not to worry, and not to have to worry. But Beyoncé couldn’t quite get there.”

Beyoncé herself addressed the criticism surrounding her supposed foray into “country music,” emphasizing the importance of unity and supposedly amplifying black voices in the genre.

But of course, if that was her actual motivation, she would have used her platform to amplify the voices of the number of black artists who are actually making country music, rather than making it about satisfying her own ego and greed.

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