Joe Biden’s latest proposal to strip working-class Americans of their rights and freedom will put your jaw on the floor

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

The Biden regime is on the brink of unleashing its most extreme environmental regulations yet. 

That will have devastating consequences for the American people.

And Joe Biden’s latest proposal to strip working-class Americans of their rights and freedom will put your jaw on the floor.

Dubbed as the “tip of the spear” in Democrats’ environmental extremist crusade, the Biden Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is gearing up to roll out regulations that could spell doom for gasoline-powered automobiles. 

According to industry insiders, the final rulemaking could drop as soon as this week, setting the stage for a seismic shift in the transportation sector.

Critics are sounding the alarm, warning that these regulations are nothing but a thinly veiled mandate disguised as an incentive. 

“It certainly won’t do anything to improve human health. It won’t do anything to reduce pollution,” exclaimed American Energy Institute President and CEO Jason Isaac to Fox News Digital. 

Instead, these regulations are poised to burden working-class Americans with even more skyrocketing costs.

Under the proposed regulations, the Biden White House aims to force automakers to drastically increase their electric vehicle offerings. 

By 2032, a staggering 67% of new vehicles could be electric, leaving little room for gas-powered options. 

This heavy-handed approach, touted as the most aggressive ever proposed, threatens to upend the automotive industry as we know it.

Meanwhile, industry experts warn of the dire consequences for consumers. 

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers President and CEO Chet Thompson issued a stark warning to Fox News.

“This policy is bad for consumers, the economy, and national security,” Thompson declared.

By pushing for a rapid transition to electric vehicles long before the technology has developed to the level of its gas-powered counterparts, the Biden regime risks sacrificing American energy independence and playing into the hands of foreign adversaries.

As the battle lines are drawn, it’s time for Americans to stand up and defend their freedoms. 

Gas-powered vehicles are not just modes of transportation — they’re a symbol of liberty. 

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