Elon Musk just made his biggest, boldest, most defiant move to protect free speech. And it may cost him everything

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The 56 patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause of liberty knowing full well it would come at the steepest of prices.

In a similar vein Elon Musk just made his biggest, boldest, most defiant move to protect free speech.

And it may cost him everything.

Elon Musk has been leading the fight against online censorship since 2022

In October of 2022, Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter, rebranded it X – an ode to the first company he founded, which ultimately became PayPal, but never truly realized Musk’s true vision due to the control of outside investors – and began a journey to eliminate online censorship in the United States and beyond. 

The billionaire tech mogul made the announcement in four simple words: “the bird is freed.”

Within weeks, Musk began an all-out campaign against Deep State assets within his new company. 

The Twitter Files exposed thousands of documents exposing the deep relationship and collusion between Big Government and Big Tech. 

Musk dropped evidence of government collusion in the hands of three independent journalists — Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and Michael Shellenberger.

Together, they blew the lid off of a vast censorship program that benefited Democrats in the 2020 election by concealing information about Hunter Biden and de-platforming former President Donald Trump

Now, Musk is taking the impact of the Twitter Files to a global stage.

X forced to take controversial action against popular influencers

Last week, the X Global Government Affairs department announced that they had been “forced” to throttle and suspend multiple accounts in the country of Brazil. 

But they were given little explanation as to why they would have to take such drastic actions.

X informed the users, but stated that they were “prohibited from saying which accounts were impacted.” 

“We do not know the reasons these blocking orders have been issued,” X wrote while informing the public of the news. 

If the platform chose to disregard the orders it would have resulted in exorbitant fines for every day that the users continued to post. 

But leadership at the company made it clear that they believed that the order wasn’t “in accordance with the Marco Civil da Internet or the Brazilian Federal Constitution,” and they intended to challenge it.

Now, Musk is pushing back and says that he’s willing to lose everything in the name of free speech.

“Powerful enough to make a difference”

Just days before, Musk had begun releasing a cache of evidence similar to the Twitter Files of 2022 through Shellenberg.

The latest cache of documents indicated that “Brazil is engaged in a sweeping crackdown of free speech led by a Supreme Court justice named Alexandre de Moraes.”

Musk said that the “aggressive censorship appears to violate the law & will of the people of Brazil.” 

Brazilian journalist Paulo Figueiredo Filho responded to his statement saying that Musk was “powerful enough to make a difference,” and encouraged him to push back.

Within the hour Musk announced that X would be “lifting all restrictions” despite threats by the judge to charge employees and apply “massive fines.”

“We will probably lose all revenue in Brazil and have to shut down the office there,” Musk admitted, before declaring, “But principles matter more than profit.”

This is a major development in a larger crackdown on freedom of speech online. 

And Elon Musk is just getting started.

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