Democrats are in disarray after Jill Biden flew off the handle and spiraled into this shocking meltdown

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Tensions are rising in the Democrat Party over Joe Biden’s re-election prospects.

They boiled over in one high-stakes encounter. 

And now Democrats are in disarray after Jill Biden flew off the handle and spiraled into this shocking meltdown.

The report by Special Counsel Robert Hur in the criminal case against President Joe Biden over classified documents has become a five-alarm fire for the White House.

Hur’s report found that Biden intentionally stole classified documents, knowingly held on to them for years, and shared classified national security information with an author writing his memoir.

Criminal charges weren’t filed against the President because Hur determined that no jury would convict him because he’s a feeble old man with a failing memory.

The White House made the head-scratching decision to trot out Biden to defend himself after the report dropped with an impromptu press conference.

An angry Biden defended his memory and mental fitness to the press while simultaneously mixing up the Presidents of Mexico and Egypt, and failing to remember the name of the church where he got the rosary that he wears daily in memory of his late son.

Biden’s press conference was widely considered a disaster even by Democrats and their media allies.

First Lady Jill Biden went off on her husband and White House staffers behind closed doors for allowing the humiliating press conference to go down.

Axios obtained an excerpt from the upcoming book about modern First Ladies by New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers titled American Woman, which revealed Jill Biden’s reaction to the debacle.

“She had watched the news conference, and the look on her face told everyone in the room — from the President on down — that they had some explaining to do,” Rogers wrote in American Woman. “This dressing down … illustrated the degree to which she is her husband’s fiercest protector.”

“Why didn’t anyone stop that?” Jill Biden raged.

The First Lady berated White House staffers for allowing the press conference to drag on after it was clear the President was flailing.

“Where were you guys?” the First Lady asked staffers. “Where was the person who was going to end the press conference?”

The 81-year-old President is asking voters to give him another four years this fall, and the Hur report threw a monkey wrench in his re-election campaign.

Biden’s disastrous press conference and the Hur report are adding to voters’ fears that the President is too old and mentally incapable of doing the job.

Former Clinton campaign advisor Paul Begala bluntly said during an appearance on CNN that the report was terrible for Democrats.

“Look, I’m a Biden supporter and I slept like a baby last night,” Begala said. “I woke up every two hours and wet the bed. This is terrible for Democrats and anybody with a functioning brain knows that.”

An anonymous ally of Biden told NBC News that the report being released followed by Biden’s press conference debacle was the “worst day of his Presidency.”

Democrats are going to be facing some hard questions about Joe Biden as he stumbles toward Election Day.

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