Democrats are coming unglued after Joe Biden’s open borders policies started crime waves in the last places they ever expected

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Following his 2008 victory, then-President Barack Obama mocked Republicans with his infamous “elections have consequences” line.

A phrase more fitting in 2024 might be “be careful what you vote for.” 

And Democrats are coming unglued after Joe Biden’s open borders policies started crime waves in the last places they ever expected.

The crisis on the U.S. southern border is about to get even worse

Estimates of the number of illegal aliens who have broken the law by entering the United States illegally during President Joe Biden’s tenure are approaching 9 million. 

The Biden border crisis brings with it human trafficking, drug trafficking, and infrastructural problems border communities and states simply can’t afford.

According to a study by the House Homeland Security Committee, the illegal alien population within the U.S. is costing American taxpayers an estimated $451 billion annually.

And it’s only going to get worse. 

The Biden regime is pushing a new magnet policy they inaccurately call a “border security bill” that would allow quicker processing of illegal aliens into the interior of the United States. 

Meanwhile, Biden’s supposed “border czar,” Vice President Kamala Harris, has recently called for a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens. 

Somehow, Vice President Harris believes this will stop the flow of illegal aliens into the country and fix the crisis on the U.S. southern border. 

The Biden regime is also battling the state of Texas, attempting to prevent the Lone Star State from protecting its borders.

All of this while these new illegal aliens are causing new crime waves in city after city. 

Crime on the rise in “sanctuary cities”

Right after calling proponents of common-sense immigration laws “racist,” the routine follow up from open borders Democrats is to spread the misinformation that illegal aliens do not commit any crime – even though the very process of entering the U.S. illegally is obviously a crime.

The woke radicals then vote for candidates who favor self-proclaimed “sanctuary city” policies. 

The term “sanctuary city” is actually a misnomer, as sanctuary implies something positive – the more accurate descriptor would be “harboring havens.” 

But now, these open borders zealots are having to forfeit that argument. 

As it turns out, Democrat-controlled “sanctuary cities” across the country are now experiencing crime waves at the hands of illegal aliens. 

Illegal alien crime rings in New York and Chicago

While on Fox News, Oak Brook, Illinois, Police Chief Brian Strockis said the Chicago suburb recently saw six felonies committed by illegal aliens in a single day. 

According to Chief Strockis, the town has arrested several dozen illegal aliens in just a few months’ time.  

They’re not being arrested for entering the country illegally – most of the arrests have been for theft and property crimes. 

Moving northeast to New York City, The New York Post is reporting illegal aliens in Gotham have started a pickpocketing ring. 

Residents told The Post illegal aliens are pickpocketing New Yorkers “all the time.” 

“The last few months, it’s been intense,” The New York Post wrote. “Maybe they spread the word, I don’t know. It’s on Friday and Saturday when it’s busy. They work as a team. It’s creepy.”

In the report, a police officer added that the NYPD has been struggling since the surge in illegal aliens flooding into the city began. 

“We have a hard enough time going after actual New Yorkers committing crime,” the officer said. “Now we have to deal with a whole different subset of people who arrive here with no means of support, no legal means of working or opportunity. So, I don’t see how this should come as any surprise.”

It’s just another example of the callousness of Democrats’ supposed “compassion.” 

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